Just had one of those midnight conversations with a one of my brother’s. He is a guy that I can’t talk about all that much, but he is very much a part of what the Manifesto is and he is an integral member of our Advanced Development Group.

I mention him as Brujo Negro ( The Black warlock in Spanish), a name he has earned by basically doing magic with the development of our Last Ditch Medical Management curriculum and the subsequent Tirisia Pugna Phase Modules.

Brujo is kindly letting me share a very modified and edited excerpt for his notebook. I share it only to give you guys an idea about the wealth of knowledge we are drawing on for our Modules and Specific Skill Set courses we have planed for the next year.

The following is a small segment of el Brujos notebook.


“black magic” chapter 11, excerpt:

covert threat elimination while an embedded asset – the hand gun. We were given the training specifically with the snub nose J frame style revolver. Many of us had the look of confusion on our faces as we sat in the musty dim lit trailer on the far side of the training field at the farm. We thought surely after all we’d been through that this was a joke right? A wheel gun from the 70’s is the main weapon of choice for embedded human intel assets in today’s theater? After the instructor introduced himself, he then very quickly had us examine the weapons issued to us for this training evolution.

It was a shaved spur low profile minimal hammer j frame ####### flat dark earth (brown) steel 5 shot revolver. He instructed us to manipulate the cylinder release and open the swing arm. The next thing we noticed were the clips laying there. Most didn’t know what they were again. We didn’t use revolvers since the F## switched out back in the 80’s shortly after the field agents were killed in the firefight where they were shot picking out their own dumped brass. A lot of training had changed over the years, however I was holding this gun from a bygone era, or so I thought. The instructor proceeds to pick up the clips and stick 9mm flat nose fmj rounds into the the 5 shot clips. He explains the revolver we will be using is chambered in 9mm. It required a clip to hold the ammo in place in the wheel because 9mm is made for an auto loader. It started to make sense to me and then he explained to us WHY we have these guns – and GOLD flowed from his mouth.

The 9mm is the most common available pistol caliber in the world. It is readily available in the civilian, military and law enforcement world. It is very capable of killing a human with one well placed shot. the revolver needs no movement to chamber a round per say. It has no safety to malfunction. It has minimal moving parts and with these modified hammers is almost impossible to “jam” up the action like you are taught to do against a semi auto in extreme close quarters. The revolver is small and conceals easy in the hand and in the carry options. It leaves no brass behind for forensic evidence and the barrel is easy to modify internally by ########### ### ## ###### ## #### ##### ##### to make the adjusting ballistic forensic signature from use to use. The use of the handle butt material leaves no discernible print and the matte flat dark earth finish offers no reflection and doesn’t not hold prints well. It’s chambering in an auto caliber makes the average investigation overlook the jframe as a culprit. It will work clean and it will work dirty. It requires next to no upkeep and maintaining. The techniques you must master will be efficient at point-blank range primarily and learn to disguise all aspects of this operation. The weapon will fire and function from inside layers of clothing and under pressure unlike the auto loader. The front sight post has been fitted with a big dot for optimal point shooting and target acquisition. You will be dead accurate out to 17 yards with this weapon before you leave this training evolution or you will not leave to progress further.
any questions?”

We proceeded to then understand with some reinforcement the value of this tool of the trade. Several extreme close quarters techniques that would be nearly impossible with the SIG were taught and explained. Combination of hand strikes and shooting “with the strike” to disguise the movements as well as unconventional targeting and positional skills were applied over the next 10 days in that trailer.

Deep cover operations are never performed without this tool….

Brujo Negro.

Author – Ed is a security specialist and combatives instructor with over 10 years experience in public safety along the northern border area of Mexico. He runs seminars and private training specific to anti-abduction, escapology, free hand and unconventional edged weapons work. He is also director of Libre Fighting Systems in Mexico.

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