When it comes to choosing an oil/CLP (Clean, Lubricate, Protect) for weapons maintenance, there are a host of options to choose from. For the beginner, it can be frustrating not knowing what to get. As for me, I like my maintenance kits to be multi-functional. During my service in the Marine Corps, I learned to make sure what I packed in my kit served two or more purposes in order to reduce weight and the shear amount of crap you had to carry.

Over the years, I have tried many different types of CLP for weapons maintenance. A few months back, I stumbled onto a company by the name of Weapon Shield. They have patented a product that uses ABF (Advanced Boundary Film) technology. Not only can their CLP be used on all weapon platforms, but it can also be used as a cleaner and lubricant for your field knives, and as a preservative/protectant on wood surfaces such as wood stocks or axe handles. This allows you to carry only a single bottle of CLP to maintain your firearms, knives, and other primitive-style weapons.

The Weapon Shield CLP comes in a few different sizes. The most common is the 4-ounce bottle and the 1-ounce oiler pen. Either of these two will last you at least a year, maybe even two depending on how often you are cleaning your weapons.

Weapon Shield CLP
4oz bottle and 1oz oiler pen

By using Weapon Shield CLP, I have reduced the amount of time spent cleaning my weapons and have reduced the size of my cleaning kit. Subsequent cleanings of my Glock take only about 10 minutes. The slide and frame get wiped down with bore patches, the barrel gets wiped down, and I run a bore snake through the barrel. That’s it!

Weapon Shield CLP
Minimalist cleaning kit with oiler pen

Weapon Shield products can be found through their network of retail and online dealers via their order page. Get yourself a bottle and try it out. It averages around nine bucks a bottle. You won’t be disappointed with it!