The Start of the Walk

Some time ago I had a day off and felt like going on an adventure. So me, my dog and our dear friend, who much like the elusive Mr.Manchester, wants to stay anonymous and so shall be called ShyGuy. You know, like the little hooded and masked guys from Super Mario? Anyway, we planned on following  a trail we had walked in the late winter. Back then there was still a good 20cm of snow on the ground. Now the spring was in full speed and the scenery a bit different from earlier.

We had a hard time trying to get over a stream that did not have much of a current in the winter. But now that all the snow had melted and there was several weeks of rain before the walk as well, the current was really strong. We might have been able to wade trough it in a bend. But with the dog it was impossible, so we had to circle around before we found a way around the stream.

The bushes were thick with new leaves, so the moving was cumbersome and I was wishing I had my larger knife with me. Also, made a mental note for getting myself a good small hatchet for similar occasions.

Weekend Adventure – A Walk In The Woods And A SAAV Loadout

We wanted to reach a hill-top from which we last time used to scout the surroundings. The view from up there was nice and we meant to have a nice cup of coffee and a relaxing hammock nap. The climb was a lot easier from the sloped side from which we approached the top this time. On the ground we saw a lot of moose droppings and tracks, some of which were very recent.

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