Over on SOFREP we’re asking our SOF community to tell us what Memorial Day means to them. So here on The Loadout Room we want to know what Memorial Day means to you, the civilian. When you wake up Monday morning, what will you be thinking of? Do you have a military memory? Do you take a moment to pause on American history and the Patriots who have fallen for you? Or are you simply happy that someone else stood up to do the work that needed to be done?

You may be retired military or prior service, a member of a military family, a  defense analyst. Maybe you’re a civilian, an immigrant, a teacher, a kid. Maybe you know why you’re not going to work on Monday, or maybe you aren’t but you’re getting time and a half and loving that.

Whatever your perspective is, we want you to share it. And we want to publish your stories on Monday morning to help all Americans understand and appreciate what this day means to our country.

Tell us what Memorial Day means to you, as an American.