Whey protein weight loss is the biggest new fad to hit the health market.

But is it really a fad if it’s hands down head and shoulders above the rest? I don’t think so.

WARNING: There has always been fad diets that come and go but are not necessarily healthy for you over the long haul.

But let’s put one thing to rest right now.

Science and nutrition is the greatest it’s ever been because of breakthrough testing. That being said it’s time to genuinely celebrate because we have a new king of the mountain and that’s whey protein weight loss.

First off, the important thing to realize is that there are different categories of whey protein weight loss such as isolates and whey concentrates.

The important thing to realize here without getting into too much scientific factual evidence, and for the sake of not going off on a completely different tangent: concentrates are a far superior addition to any whey protein weight loss program.

So knowing this, what are the most important concepts to understand?

1) Obviously, use whey! I can’t stress that enough but the seemingly never ending list of benefits for this product are unparalleled to say the least:

Whey Weight Loss Benefits:

First off it’s got the number one antioxidant in the world – Glutathione
It boosts energy and physical endurance, which is great for athletes or those who can’t muster up that extra energy to go work-out.
It promotes muscle strength, growth and recovery
It detoxifies heavy metal toxins and other harmful bodily chemicals.

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