Appendix Carry: Is It For You?
Matt Jacques

There are always differing opinions on everything. Best truck, best chocolate, direct impingement or piston, even the old reliable 9MM vs .45. The debate that seems to be getting the most attention over the last couple of years is “appendix or strong side carry?”

This is just like the decades-old ammo debate. There are strong feelings on both sides, some of which are non-negotiable. To help you make your own decision, I’ll offer my personal experience and findings as well as what some of my students have relayed to me over time.

I have been appendix carrying daily for about two years. Prior to that, I only carried AIWB (appendix inside waist band) off duty, since my PSD work required me to carry strong side with a 6004 rig. So why did I switch after nearly twenty years of carrying strong side? Well, it was a calculated and studied conversion.

Why Carry AIWB?

Why Carry AIWB?

I am a retired cop and former Marine MP. For the first few decades I carried a handgun, I used a Sam Browne rig for duty and a couple of different rigs for SWAT and fugitive work. Strong side was the norm and the gun was always in that general area, either on the belt or a few inches lower beneath my armor.

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