Train Smarter

Dry-fire practice is important.  Having a better widget to train your trigger press through dry-fire practice has arrived and it’s called the Slideblok.

When training experienced shooters at Willapa Firearms Training, I find that the number one failure of the fundamentals of marksmanship is the trigger press.

Most shooters understand sight alignment, breathing, hold control grip, stance etc. but fail when it comes to trigger press. Trigger press tends to be a struggle and needs to be thought about while learning the skill.

Improve your Trigger Press

You can improve your trigger press through several different means such as ball and dummy drills, shooting at distance, and by doing dry-fire.  The Slideblok helps accomplish the dry-fire in a safe and effective way.

Why you need a Slideblok for your Glock
Slideblok standard in blue

Slideblok was created to help get the most out of dry fire training.  Slideblok is a simple product that is easily placed into your gun at the ejection port on the slide.

When placed, it keeps your trigger active and eliminates the need to constantly rack the slide to reset the trigger.  It also helps keep from making a training scar where the shooter keeps their finger on the trigger while racking the slide (doing a primary malfunction clearance drill) so they can practice trigger reset.

The first time using the Slideblok with a student during a private training session, I was able to diagnose a problem with trigger finger placement that I wasn’t able to see or hear before using the Slideblok.  It’s a great tool that you need as an instructor or as a student.

Installs Easily

The Slideblok installs quickly and easily with no extra assembly of parts and without the use of tools.  Just set the Slideblok in the ejection port of your slide and you’re ready to train.

Remember to first unload your firearm and preferably place any and all live ammunition into another room.  Eliminate any distractions and focus on the dry-fire practice that you are doing.

Lock the slide back on your pistol, insert the Slideblok in the ejection port so it sits flush on all sides of the slide, slowly let your slide forward until it stops.  It’s that easy.  You can now begin repetitively pressing the trigger throughout it’s full travel without having to rack the slide after every press.

The only missing aspect of the Glock trigger press is the “wall” that you feel and the “click” that you experience on reset.  It’s the same distance and the same weight on your actual firearm that you want to improve upon.

You can still work on magazine exchanges and draw from the holster with the Slideblok installed, again, just make sure your live ammunition is removed and located in a different room.

For those of you that will say, “I can do the same thing with a piece of cardboard.”  You’re right, you can.  Or you can spend $8 and have it work consistently, look professional with your students, and have it still fit in your holster.  It’s time for an upgrade.

The Slideblok will not Damage your Pistol

The Slideblok is made of plastic that is softer than your pistol and it’s parts.  It will not mar, mame, or otherwise hurt your pistol.  Just be careful about not slamming the slide closed into battery with the Slideblok installed so you don’t damage your Slideblok.

What All will Slideblok Fit?

The Slideblok is currently offered in two different models, all for the Glock line of pistols.  One model fits the G17, G19, G26, G34, G22, G23, G27, and the G35.  The second model fits the G21, G30, G36, and the G41.  Hopefully, Slideblok isn’t done with their problem solving and will find solutions for other pistols and models as well!

What’s it Cost?

The Slideblok is affordable at a standard price of only $8.00 in Bold Blue, Open Orange, Practical Pink, Real Red, and Yolk Yellow.  If you want a “premium” model that glows in the dark, you’ll still only pay $10.00.  You can also pick up a limited edition Thin Blue Line Slideblok at $12.00 until December 1st.

The Slideblok is a great tool for yourself and would also make an amazing stocking stuffer for your patrol partner or family member that shoots a Glock.