I wrote recently how Wicked Grips introduced me to an old friend, my 1911. They are continuing to keep us close. Wicked Grips have just introduced a line of 1911 magazines that has had be buying more 45 ACP. The Wicked Grips magazine line includes mags for the big four 1911 calibers. 45 ACP, 10 mm, 38 Super, and 9mm. The magazines have a tongue in cheek moniker for each caliber. The 45 ACP is old reliable. The 38 Super is Old School. The 9 mm magazine is double tap. My favorite is the 10 mm, known as the Finger of God. Each Wicked grips magazine is also stamped with the Wicked Grips crossed 1911s logo.

Wicked Grips Magazine | First Look
Old Reliable

My 1911 is in 45 ACP, so old reliable came home with me.  These magazines are for full sized 1911s. The magazines have varying capacities. The 45 ACP model holds 8 rounds of ‘Old Reliable’. The magazine is made from stainless steel and has a slight matte finish. Stainless steel is perfect for magazine corrosion resistance. You also have the classic witness holes to see the magazine’s capacity.

Metalform manufactures these magazines. Metalform produces a wide variety of magazines. They have built a reputation for high quality. The magazine feels extremely solid. It inserts smoothly into the weapon and drops free. A magazine doesn’t need to be attractive. In the vast majority of handguns, you’ll never see it. However, the Wicked Grips 1911 magazines look amazing.

Wicked Grips Magazine | First Look
Wicked Grips Magazine and friends

The various stamps look evenly placed and are easy to read. The witness holes are precisely cut and the entire magazine is smooth. It is completely bur free. Smoother than a baby’s bottom. The magazines appear to have wadcutter feed lips that are cut evenly with a rounded profile. This prevents sharp edges from digging into your thumbs as you load the magazine.

Wicked Grips Magazine | First Look
Be Wicked

The 45 ACP variant has a plastic floorplate. The  floorplate has a large circular disassembly tab for easy cleaning. The follower is fully rounded with a noticeable lip. The follower slides smoothly up and down the magazine with ease. I’m excited to take this bad boy to the range for some testing. I’ll also be pocket carrying the magazine, loaded, and ready. This is just to see if I can fill it with junk, and make it fail. We shall see soon enough if it’s carry worthy.