Wicked Grips is an interesting company. Simply put they produce a wide variety of different grips for a variety of different weapons. This includes the SIG P series, the Beretta M9, the 1911, and many more. They are a premium producer of grips and each one is an essentially a work of art. People have a lot of different thoughts on guns, and different tastes. These tastes vary in both function and aesthetics. We are lucky enough in a country where different tastes have a market to meet their needs.

Something Wicked this Way Comes.

Wicked Grips 1911 Grips | First Impression
Awesome Box for Awesome Grips

Some folks are happy to keep their stock grips, others happy with a 24 dollar pair of Hogue rubber grips, and others want a little more. You can’t be wrong in choosing what you like. For the most discerning customer companies like Wicked Grips exist. We covered the fact Wick Grips makes grips. The grips they make though are something all their own. They are a real custom grip shop. Custom is a term tossed around quite a bit. However, Wicked Grips are truly custom. They produce a variety of metal and wood grips that are unique works of art. The grips they design are produced in very small numbers, only 50 per set. 

Why only 50 sets? Turns out some people are less than honorable. Wicked Grips has had some of their original artwork stolen and copied by other shops. Only producing 50 grips makes it harder to steal designs down the road. I also think there is an artistic reason. This is pure speculation. I believe the guys at Wicked Grips are like any other artist, and they like creating something new.

So their work constantly evolves and changes.

Dressing up a 1911 with Wicked Grips

I chose the 1911 grips for a specific reason. I love my 191. To be perfectly honest I only have it due to the history of the 1911 design. It’s one of those guns you have to have. I don’t carry it, and I shoot it less than I should. It’s nothing fancy, just a plain Jane 1911. To me, this is a hobby gun, a show gun, not a carry gun. This is important because I don’t think I could risk messing these grips up.

These grips will not be easily broken, scratched or scuffed. They feel extremely solid. As much as I hate to do it, I have to honestly test these grips. This means I’m gonna start CCing my 1911. I’m also going to be shooting it a lot more.

I chose the Unorganized Militia grips. The unorganized militia snake is one of my favorite symbols of American history. The simple phrase ‘Join or Die’ adorns the top of the grip. I honestly can describe them in any way that would do them justice. Instead, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

Wicked Grips 1911 Grips | First Impression
The Grips in all their Glory

The grips come boxed in a nice metal tin. They are carefully secured in a small bag and backed with cardboard. The tin is a nice touch, you know you won’t receive anything damaged. You also get a cool sticker. 

Stay tuned, I will have a full review coming soon. After some time on the belt and time at the range of course. While you are waiting, check out Wicked Grips.