Imagine this…. You spent all day on the trail and have just woken up from your first night of sleep. You poke your head out of your $500 down sleeping bag. It’s rainy and cold. Good thing you have your $600 tent, $500 jacket and pants. You get dressed, then before slipping on your $200 pair of boots, you reach to the bottom of your bag for a pair of cheap $2.50 cotton athletic socks. Cotton athletic socks? Not bad for basketball or lounging around the house, but this is adventure, and cotton doesn’t cut it. Because the condition of your feet is so closely tied to your overall comfort in the wilderness it only makes sense to spend the extra money on a pair of good socks. But what constitutes a good pair of hiking or running socks?

In the past I’ve been a big SmartWool fan when it comes to trail running and hiking. Recently, I had the opportunity to try out several different styles of the Wigwam Ultimax socks. From the moment I slipped these socks on I noticed a huge difference is comfort compared to other brands I’ve used. In comparison, the SmartWools I own seemed to be somewhat tight, but these Wigwam socks were extremely comfortable and breathable. One of my pet peeves with socks is when I walk into the house after a run or hike, kick off my shoes, and the sock slips half way off my foot – not cool. With the Wigwam socks, I kicked off my shoes and the socks stayed on my feet without movement. During trail runs and long hikes the socks didn’t bunch up at all around the ankles or mid foot. Upon kicking off my shoes after a run or hike, I immediately noticed my feet started cooling down which is a refreshing feeling – no urge to rip off the socks due to being grimy or uncomfortable. The Wigwam Ultimax socks are ideal for all your adventures, whether its a casual family day hike, a trail run, mountain biking, or multi-day backpacking trip.

Wigwam Socks Review: 110 Years in the Game
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The two styles of socks I was able to test and evaluate for this review were the Spectrum Pro Low Cut Ironman Running socks and the Ultra Cool-Lite Crew socks. I was able to put the Spectrum socks to the test with several trail runs in 90 degree heat. I can personally attest to the performance benefits listed below. Not once did my feet feel hot or sweaty. In fact, my feet felt dry and breathable the entire run even though the rest of my body was drenched in sweat from the heat. The Ultra Cool Crew socks were equally as impressive; impressive enough for me to purchase additional pairs to replace some of my cheaper cotton socks. I will be wearing these socks on a daily basis from now on. EDC for your feet.

Wigwam Ultimax Trail and Ironman running socks
Wigwam Ultimax Trail socks and Ironman running socks

Performance Benefits:

  • Keeps your feet dry – No matter the weather conditions, Ultimax Fusion moisture-wicking technology will keep your feet dry. It uses a push-pull system to move the sweat your foot produces from the inner hydrophobic layer of the sock, to the outer hydrophilic layer. This makes for easier moisture evaporation and fresh airflow.
  • Prevents blisters
  • Prevents odors


  • Wigwam’s patented Ultimax moisture movement system is enhanced with Dri-release Tencel. Dri-release is soft, dries super fast and has everlasting wicking.
  • Seamless toe closure
  • Breathable mesh panel
  • Made in the USA

MSRP: $12 to $23 direct from

If you are looking for a pair of socks that will work in just about any weather condition, the Wigwam Ultimax socks just may be the ticket for you. With the fall and winter seasons upon us, I will be purchasing and using Wigwam socks on a regular basis.


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