To tell you the truth I do not recall how I was turned onto the Wilcox Gunslinger belt. Perhaps it was Joshua or Aaron who turned me onto Wilcox Tactical. Aaron and Joshua love to shoot and they write articles for Spotter Up. Wilcox Tactical was founded by Army veteran Kyle Wilcox and he’s a one man shop. I like businesses like that; guys who are just getting established and they are appreciative of every sale they get.

There are a lot of variations of the gunslinger belt online to choose from. Whether you are buying from start up brands or very established brands, all of the brands attempt to provide the user with a belt that will not sag when it is mounted with a variety of pouches and a gun. I was drawn to Wilcox because its a small brand that offers quality gear at an affordable price.  I want to support the small guy rather than a larger brand that already got its start. Kyle has been available every-time we call with a question.

Belts should act as a comfortable load carriage belt. The Wilcox line of gunslinger belts offers you a minimalist approach to a battle belt. There is an inner belt and an outer belt. Each belt is made from 2 layers of 1 1/2 heavy duty webbing and full MOLLE around the belt, to mount a variety of pouches.

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