I consider myself to be somewhat of a minimalist when it comes to hiking. In previous reviews, I covered both the belt pouch and a SERE drop pouch. These pouches combined with a decent folding knife and water bottle give you a solid kit for those smaller day hikes. In my search for Made in the USA gear, I found a belt pouch made by The Wilderness. This zippered utility pouch is another variation of the belt pouch with a few upgrades.

The Wilderness Bug Pack is a handy little zippered utility pouch. It features the signature wrap around belt loop fitting even padded backpack belts. Its flat design stays as low-profile as possible until needed. Perfect for small items like mini first-aid kits or food bars.

The Belt Pouch To Take Everywhere
Low profile when worn on your pants belt.

Materials: 1000D Cordura and a durable #8 YKK zipper. 1000D Cordura is a highly abrasion resistant and water resistant material, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Dimensions:  5-1/2″ x 5-1/2″

Mounting Option: The Wilderness signature wrap around belt loop. The wrap around design allows you to put the utility pouch on and remove it without removing or unbuckling your trouser belt.

The Belt Pouch To Take Everywhere
The signature wrap around belt loop attachment

Color Options: Black, Urban Grey, Ranger Green, Safety Orange, Coyote, Pink, Multicam.

Uses: Hiking, backpacking, and traveling. This pouch is ideal for carrying small items through airport security since you can easily and quickly remove the pouch from your belt.

MSRP: $11.95 directly from The Wilderness.