Falling snow can be a beautiful, but it means dangerous conditions if you plan to head out on the road. Here are some tips and best practices that can help you stay safe and secure when driving in winter conditions.

Drive with your headlights on to improve visibility both ways

Avoid using cruise control – in adverse conditions, you want control

Be cautious on bridges, overpasses, etc. – they might be icy even if the roads are not

Avoid passing snow plows and sand trucks – drivers have limited visibility and the road in front may be unsafe

Know and practice how to drive in winter conditions – like braking on ice

Properly warm-up your vehicle

Winter Tires – Do not wait to get them, they are amazing in winter conditions

Windshield Wipers – Ensure they are winter rated and serviceable

Know your car – every car is different: 4 wheel drive, traction control, stability control, etc.

Clean off the entire car – not only for your visibility but for the vehicles behind you

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