It is officially spring which means the hiking and camping season is here. Gear for either activity can get pretty expensive if you’re just starting out, not to mention that there is a myriad of options to choose from. Fittingly, I received the Winterial 11-Piece Camping Cookware Set to review for our readers. After having a chance to test this cookware set, I confidently recommend it for anyone in the market for a more elaborate cookware for themselves or a group of two. This gear is also a Crate Club item and will be sent out to subscribers.


Storage dimensions: 3.5” tall x 6.75” diameter
Weight: 1.5 lbs
Material: Lightweight aluminum oxide with Teflon coating
Full set includes:

  1. Large pot and lid
  2. Frying pan
  3. Teakettle
  4. Serving Ladle
  5. 2x personal bowls
  6. Serving spoon/spatula
  7. Cleaning sponge
  8. Carry bag

Specifications courtesy of Winterial

My thoughts and review

I try to be a minimalist so my outdoor cookware has always been my Jetboil MiniMo and a titanium spork. Bringing out a full cookware set isn’t something I normally do unless it is for camping or if I’m with backpacking with a friend. However, I do like what the Winterial Cookware Set has to offer. The cookware set packs inside itself nicely and even offers a little additional room in the teakettle for small utensils or cooking ingredients. The 1.5 lb weight isn’t much weight, and users can shed additional ounces by removing some of the contents they don’t plan to use on their trip (teakettle, bowls, ladle, etc.).

Winterial 11-Piece Camping Cookware Set: Cooking comfortably outdoors
All components of the Winterial 11-Piece Cookware Set bundled up together (carry bay not pictured)

Cooking with the cookware set didn’t pose any issues and there are no real cons with the gear. The cookware set is the perfect size to be used with a portable stove or over a campfire (stove not included). All the handles are collapsible and cookware set is small enough to conveniently pack with the rest of your gear, but not so small that it makes cooking for two people inconvenient. The only issue I had with size was with the two personal bowls. The bowls are a little too small to be practical. I personally opted to ditch the bowls and use a separate plate, you might too or just choose to eat out of the pot in some cases. The small bowls aren’t a dealbreaker though, just don’t bring them out with you and you’ll have more room to store other items inside of your cookware set when it’s packed.

Winterial 11-Piece Camping Cookware Set: Cooking comfortably outdoors

The verdict

The good
-Fairly lightweight considering the amount of cookware

The bad
-Small cookware set if camping with more than two people

The Winterial 11-Piece Camping Cookware Set has an MSRP of $44.99. After taking it out and having an opportunity to use it, I consider it a fair price. The cookware set is a good size for a single person but may be too small two if used for camping. However, it is the perfect size for a two-person backpacking trip.

Any experience with Winterial or other outdoor cookware? Let us know what you think.

All photos courtesy of the author, Matt Jin