ASHLAND, Ore. (June 5, 2018)— Scratch off the neckties, hedge trimmers and any other items on your list of potential Father’s Day gifts. Get dad what he really wants: a Work Sharp Outdoor Pocket Knife Sharpener. Work Sharp is offering their new Pocket Knife Sharpener, released just in time for Father’s Day, for the low price of only $14.95.

The Pocket Knife Sharpener is lightweight and compact, and easily stows in any gear bag, tackle box, tool box or jacket pocket. It’s designed to go anywhere you use a knife – camping, in the field, on the water fishing, or wherever your adventures take you.

The open sharpening platform sharpens all knife types, including pocket knives, hunting knives, outdoor knives, fishing knives and more. Precision sharpening and honing guides set a consistent angle every time, making successfully sharpening on the go fast and easy.

“The Pocket Knife Sharpener was created for every knife owner who wants a compact sharpener that’s easy to use and actually works,” says Kyle Crawford, Work Sharp Outdoor Brand Manager. “I spoke with countless knife owners that weren’t satisfied with existing ultra-compact pocket knife sharpeners on the market. They want a very simple, compact and robust field sharpener at an affordable price – but it has to work! We developed a sharpener that delivers on this request, and I’m excited to get it into customers’ hands.”

Work Sharp Pocket Knife Sharpener features:

  • A 320-grit diamond plate with 20° sharpening guides
  • Fine-grit ceramic rod with 25° honing guides
  • Lanyard attachment points
  • A detailed User’s Guide
  • Work Sharp’s exclusive Lifetime Legacy Warranty

The Pocket Knife Sharpener is available at most outdoor or sporting goods retailers for $14.95, or online at

About Work Sharp
Work Sharp Outdoor is a division of Darex, a 4th-generation, family-owned business in Ashland, Oregon. Darex has produced industry-leading sharpening tools for more than 45 years. Work Sharp’s complete line of manual and power sharpeners is trusted by hunters and craftsmen worldwide; its longstanding reputation is built on exceptional products that make sharpening faster and easier than other systems in the market, without compromising performance. Today, Darex is over 100 co-workers strong and has sold over 5 million sharpeners.