WTW: Stevens Tip-up Rifle in .22 LR
Mike the Mook

This week we take a look at the Stevens Tip-Up rifle from 1894. this particular rifle has a number of interesting features and was probably considered their fully loaded model at the time.

WTW: Stevens Tip-up Rifle in .22 LR

It lacks a forend, but has a nickel plated action. Target sights are present with a flip-up front and a Sharps tang mounted sight. The buttstock was probably their highest grade walnut at the time and the barrel transitions from round to octagonal in a classic Old West design.

Most important is the caliber: 22 long rifle.

WTW: Stevens Tip-up Rifle in .22 LR

As you sit there and scoff (because it’s a Stevens), bear in mind that Stevens was the inventor of that pipsqueak round. It may have been another .22 caliber rimfire cartridge at the time but after its inception it became the king of all rimfire rounds, and as we saw in the past few years, the backbone of the US Shooting community.

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