The last time we checked in with Hogue, the company had just finished modernizing their brand. This time they’ve turned their attention to bolstering their product line. Hogue will soon be shipping their first button lock flipper knife, called the X5. The knife features a new patent-pending blade retention device and marks a number of other firsts in the company’s design catalog.

“The patent-pending retention system works in place of a ball-bearing detent,” Hogue Knives explains. “Our system uses precise machining, tight tolerance, and a retention board.” The result is a manual flipper that eliminates clumsy or incomplete flips. The system is also designed to make a very satisfying clicking sound when closed, much louder than a detent ball falling into place. “This blade simply does not function like any other flipper on the market,” says designer Allen Elishewitz.

The X5 is available in two different blade configurations. Users have a choice between a compound-ground, modified wharncliffe blade, based off of Elishewitz’s Black Dolphin custom knife, or a spear point with a harpoon-style swedge reminiscent of the Elishewitz White Swan. Both configurations are offered in 3.5”- and 4”-bladed versions. Including options for blade coatings and handle colors, there are a total of nine X5 variations.

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