You should know by now how much I like the Law Tactical folding buffer tube adapter, and that I recommend it for almost any type of AR15 build. The Law Tactical adapter attaches to the rear of the lower.

F&D Defense is approaching the folding AR idea from a different direction.

The front.

XAR Folding AR15 From F&D Defense

Their XAR Invicta “Folding Automatic Rifle” is slated for purchase sometime this summer for approximately $2100 – $2500 (final pricing is not set and may change).

It is a custom upper; the hinge folds the rifle at the breech and there is a retention nub (my term) that keeps the rail connected to the upper when folded.

XAR Folding AR15 From F&D Defense

XAR Folding AR15 From F&D Defense


These are based on my guesses only, based on photographs I’ve been given from F&D and comparisons to other AR15s I own.

Assuming a mil-spec buffer tube and a MagPul MOE stock collapsed all the way down, I estimate that the folded Invicta is about 15.5 – 16.”

My 6.75″ barreled .300 Blackout AR15 pistol with a Law Folder adapter is 16.25″ folded.

Of course, the Invicta would feature a full-length barrel and all the higher 5.56 velocities that come with it.

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Photos courtesy of Short Barrel Shepherd