Best known for their bombproof Tundra coolers and soft-sided Hopppers, Yeti is continuing to innovate outside their box. The Yeti Camino 35 is one such product. Like all of the products that roll off the production line, the Camino 35 is yet another over-engineered and well thought out item. Made from the same “Thickskin” material as the Panga Duffel, this ultra-durable open top is highly puncture and abrasion resistant.

So far, I’ve hauled the following: Towels and dry clothes for a day on the boat. Keeps them dry on the way in and contains the wet towels when debarking and while inside my truck. Soaking wet wet-suits. One of my pet peeves after diving. Firewood while camping. The rigid Crossbar Handle helps support a heavy load when the shoulder strap isn’t being used. A picnic lunch including ground cover, wine, cheese, etc. Ammunition for a range day with my kiddos. And then the spent casings after we clean up. Climbing ropes. Prizes for a golf outing. Even doorknobs on a job site. I had 20 door knob boxes and they all fit. Making installation easier as I moved from door to door. And then it hauled all the packing material to the dumpster. The Camino Carryall Tote can basically be used for anything.

Camino 35
9 gallons of water and still standing tall

In a wet environment, the Camino Carryall excels due to its design and material. The EVA molded bottom keeps the bag upright and water out…or in. Believe it or not, you can haul 9 gallons of water from the lake to your campsite. With its large open top, it’s like having a full sink of water. Fair warning, 9 gallons of water weighs 75 pounds so lift with your legs. My 2 sons each took a handle and team lifted the water back to the campsite. The heavy nylon web handles were more than up to the task. With reinforced stitching in all the right places, the handle continues down the side of the tote with a “Hitchpoint Grid”.  Allowing the attachment of anything with a carabiner as well as various Yeti accessories.

Yeti Camino 35
Pairs well with the Yeti Tundra 45

I chose to attach the Yeti Sidekick Dry. Made from the same durable material, the Sidekick is designed to keep your essentials easily accessible and 100% dry. With a flap designed to shed water, followed by heavy duty velcro and a magnetic Hydroshield closure, water isn’t penetrating this accessory. A great place to store less than waterproof items like your keys, wallet, fishing license, and phone. Inside the dry bag, you’ll find a small mesh pouch to keep things organized for easy retrieval. Furthermore, the Sidekick Dry will attach to any of the Hopper line of coolers.

Yeti Camino 35 Carryall Dimensions

Camino Carryall

Like all Yeti products I’ve tested over the years, the Camino Carryall 35 is another solid item. I’m continually finding uses for it due to its simplicity. And knowing how durable the Camino 35 is, I’ll keep pushing the boundaries. As I’m writing this in the early hours of the day before heading out with my 14-year-old son to teach him how to drive off-road in the Tundra, I can assure you that the Camino will accompany us with some recovery straps, radios and various other items. If you haven’t signed up to receive updates on products like this at, I recommend you do so.