The Yeti Tundra has been an icon in the outdoor market for a decade now. With its “ice for days” capability, it has become an essential item on our Overland adventures. Easily maintaining the initial 20-pound ice load for 4+ days, we have utilized these coolers all over the place. The Yeti Tundras do a lot of things well, but are heavy as hell when fully loaded. A byproduct of their durable rotomolded construction and 2-inch Permafrost insulated walls. It takes two people to haul our loaded cooler to the truck or boat. Until now. Finally! The Tundra got its wheels. And boy is this a welcome feature. Making the new Yeti Haul a great addition to the Yeti fleet.

One thing I’ve noticed about Yeti products in general. They don’t just throw something together for the sake of it. Every product from Yeti is a labor of love. A commitment to engineering the best possible solution. And the end results are worthy of the Yeti badge. Anyone who has seen the Hondo Basecamp Chair knows what I’m talking about. Or the Loadout Bucket that I use daily as a General Contractor. These products endure due to their over-engineered designs. The Yeti Haul is no different after years of refinement and prototypes lead to its final design.


Adding wheels to the Tundra was no easy task either. The designers had to find a balance that wouldn’t upset the exterior dimensions or encroach on the interior space adversely. Carefully measuring all aspects of the new Haul so you’re not left with an awkward dimension between the wheel wells. Length, width, and height were monitored throughout to ensure maximum capacity while still fitting below the bed rails of a truck. The oversized solid one-piece tires themselves are impact and puncture resistant. And they roll like butter.


Similar in construction to the Yeti Hondo Basecamp Chair frame, the Strong-arm handle is built like a tank. This durable welded aluminum arm with comfortable padded grips is a welcome companion to the Haul. Other wheel coolers require an awkwardly long handle to prevent the cooler from hitting your heels while towing. The curved design tracks of the Strong-arm Handle offers left or right hand heel-friendly towing. Allowing the user to walk alongside the cooler rather than right in front of it.

Yeti Haul Yeti Haul

So far, our Yeti Haul has traveled the waterways of Northern Michigan aboard ~Current Obsession~ and several Overland trips in the Toyota Tundra. The wheels are a very welcome addition. Often using the cooler as our meal table while camping, maneuvering the Yeti Haul is now a one person job. While Overlanding, the Haul resides in the bed of the truck. Having wheels allows easy access from the tailgate as it now slides forward effortlessly. A recent trip to North Carolina for Overland Expo put the robust wheels to the ultimate test. And they passed the mud test with flying colors.

Final Thoughts:

Although I can’t find the Hauls exact capacity in liters, Yeti places it between the 65 and 75 liter Tundras. What I’ve found is that this size is perfect for two of us to eat out of during 4-5 day trips. Or all four of us for a long weekend. The handle and wheels make the sometimes cumbersome size and weight of a fully loaded Tundra a breeze to maneuver. One item that is missing, however, is the dry goods basket. I’m not sure why this feature was omitted but it’s a shame because we use the heck out of it to keep food items out of the ice below. I hope that is something Yeti will consider in the future. For now, we’ll enjoy the Yeti Haul on several of our upcoming trips.