I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone through several variations of camp chairs over the years. From those $10 specials at the drug store to “high end” versions from the local sporting goods store. Like everything built in this disposable world we, unfortunately, live in, they came and went with the wind. Busted hinges made from cheap plastic, torn fabric, UV damage, and bent frames. All the classic symptoms from companies that cut corners in favor of meeting a price point. I should have seen this coming from a company like Yeti, but I didn’t. After all, my Yeti Tundra has replaced a shed full of lesser coolers. And now, the Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair has done the same with my collection of inferior chairs.

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair

This is the the no-holds-barred version of the classic folding chair. Engineered with the end user in mind. Constructed of high-quality materials that will literally last a lifetime. How many camp chairs can you say that about? This is the first time I’ve sat down in any camp chair and had absolutely nothing negative to say about it. Well, almost nothing. There was a little sticker shock at first. But I’m well over that now that I’ve been planting my ass in this chair for the better part of the summer. Whether it’s at our favorite lake, a remote location while Overland camping, some lazy river, the backyard bbq or even chilling in the Garage Mahal, the Hondo has been my portable throne.

Hondo Base Camp Chair
Enjoying the sunset over Lake Superior

Hondo Base Camp Chair Construction

Bent frames are a thing of the past with Yetis Double Barrel Frame. Reinforced with two layers of age-hardened aluminum alloy, this chair will definitely stand tall for years. Broken plastic hinges? Not anymore with Diehard Joint Construction. These solid cast joints are only rivaled by the ones holding the doors on your truck. UV damage? Torn fabric? Not with Easebreathe Mesh with Flexgrid Technology. In classic Yeti fashion, this over-engineered UV resistant fabric is 100% breathable yet withstands 500 pounds of weight. All without losing its shape. The Gridguard Mold tensions the fabric and locks it into the frame with a custom over-mold. Ensuring edge-to-edge comfort and seams that don’t break or tear.

Hondo Base Camp Chair
Diehard Joints and welded Double Barrel Frame

Of course, the Hondo Base Camp Chair includes a smart cup holder. One that stays upright even when the chair is folded. Designed to accommodate a wide variety of beverages and cups. Including cans, longnecks, several Ramblers®, the Colster®, 10 oz. Lowball, 10 oz. Wine Tumbler, 14 oz. Mug, plus the 20 and 30 oz. Tumblers. Wherever you find your happy place in the most comfortable camp chair on the planet, rest assured that your beverage of choice will be secure and within arms reach. Additionally, Yeti offers a couple of thoughtful accessories for the chair. A handy gear bag that affixes to the rear of the chair for organizing small items. And a Carry Tote to help with the job of hauling the Hondo to and from.

Hondo Base Camp Chair Specifications courtesy of yeti.com

Hondo Base Camp Chair

  • UNFOLDED: 30 1/8” × 35” × 26 1/2”
  • FOLDED: 7 1/8” × 32 1/4” × 26 1/2”
  • MSRP: $299

With all of this engineering and know-how packed into a single chair, the trade off is weight and portability. It is by no means small or light. In fact, it tips the scales at sixteen and a half pounds. But that’s the exact reason you buy the Hondo Base Camp Chair. For it’s bombproof reliability. It’s no flimsy folder. It was designed from the ground up to be a robust and durable “base camp” chair. They kinda spell it out for you in the name. Backyard barbecues, Overland camping in your truck, parades, fireworks and everything American. This is where the Hondo shines. Many friends have plopped their butts in this camp chair and their expressions have been priceless. The level of comfort and lack of any pressure points is why the Hondo Base Camp Chair is so damn good.

Hondo Base Camp Chair
Easebreathe Mesh with Flexgrid Technology

Make no mistake, this is an investment. An investment in maximizing some of the best times of your life. Think back to all the crappy chairs you’ve gone through over the years. Start totaling that number and recall the frustration when one would fail at the worst of times. Then realize that the time spent outdoors in nature is much more important than you originally thought. Family, friends, neighbors, Americans. Sitting around a campfire drinking whiskey after an epic hike or ride. Or watching the fireworks with your brothers and sisters. Fishing with friends on a quiet river. Trust me on this one. And treat yourself to a Hondo…the mother of all camp chairs.

Hondo Base Camp Chair
That’s a lot of Yeti in that picture

Images courtesy of the author