It always amazes me when I see soldiers who are not fit to fight. One of the very first things I was shown when I joined the military was how to PT myself to the ground so I could get into a great physical shape, making it easier for me to carry out my everyday tasks.

Do you think the guy pictured above should get some serious mandatory PT sessions? Of course he should!

No matter what your MOS is, you should always be able to perform the basic infantry tasks like any soldier in the Combat Arms does. I am not talking about becoming SEAL Fit here, but simply getting yourself into an acceptable level of physical fitness.

Seriously ?! ... Could anyone fireman carry her out of the X?!
Seriously ?! … Could anyone fireman-carry her out of the X?!

I wrote an article late last year exposing the problems with fat kids joining the Canadian Forces for SOFREP. There are REALLY ALARMING statistics showing how our soldiers are getting fatter and less active. It really amazes me that these soldiers get up to 90 days on their bootcamp to be able to perform the easiest PT Test ever – the Recruit PT test.

I would personally issue a PT test on a monthly basis and if you happen to fail twice in a row, you get discharged.

Let’s hear from you guys! What would YOU do to correct this problem?