Zero Tolerance surprised dealers by announcing the discontinuation of four models, effective tomorrow. Dealers were also told that ZT would no longer enforce MAP pricing on these knives. That means we may see them offered at irresistible prices in the days to come. It’s still unclear if these blades are the only models that won’t survive to see 2018, or if more knives are also on their way out.

The small but mighty ZT0900 is one of two Les George designs on the chopping block. Based on the Mini Harpy, the 0900 debuted at SHOT Show 2015. It came at a time when fans were clamoring for smaller, more EDC-friendly ZT knives. With a blade length of just 2.75 inches, it’s the smallest knife in ZT’s lineup. Once the ZT0900 goes, there will be no offerings in ZT’s catalog with a blade length under three inches – although slim knives like the ZT0450 and 0460 continue to appeal to those looking for smaller ZTs.

Zero Tolerance Discontinues Four Models

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