Zero Tolerance has always made knives I find appealing. Most of the designs are very beefy and will take a lot of abuse with no ill effects to the blade or locking mechanism. This new design is no exception as far as being able to take abuse and keep on working. This new ZT is a limited edition knife.

The curved grip (handle) shape is nicely done and provides a very solid grip. The handles are made entirely of Titanium while the blade is made of S35VN. The flipper, which activates the blade opening, is larger than many previous models and serves two purposes. It makes the flipper easier to use as well as providing a solid point of contact for the user’s index finger which prevents your hand from slipping forward under heavy use.

The titanium handle has wide, contoured chamfers to provide a secure, comfortable grip. A titaniumframe lock with a hardened lockbar insert secures the blade open during use. ZT’s KVT ball-bearing opening system lets you open the 0095BW with ease. The 0095BW’s pocketclip is reversible for left- and right-handed tip-up carry.

S35VN is an improvement on S35V both of which are stainless steel alloys created specifically for knife blades.CPM S35VN is a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer improved toughness over CPMS30V. It is also easier to machine and polish than CPM S30V. Its chemistry has been rebalanced so that it forms some niobium carbides along with vanadium and chromium carbides. Substituting niobium carbides for some of the vanadium carbides makes CPM S35VN about 15-20% tougher than CPM S30Vwithout any loss of wear resistance.

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