Recently I received a Comms Check from one of our readers (Mike Pyryt). He was wondering what we thought of ZORE, a gun storage start-up company on Indiegogo. Too be honest I had thought this was going to lead to what was already on the market; big safe, small safe, weapon mount safe, etc. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised at what ZORE had to offer.

Zore is an extremely small device that renders a weapon inoperable. Using a click combination mechanism (as simple, or complicated as you want) you can remove the device and put the weapon into action. The click combination can be rotated in either direction, and you can over shoot the last click digit and the device will still unlock. These small details could make the difference when stress is a factor in implementing your weapon.

Putting a modern touch on it, ZORE has created a tamper notification system on their devices (optional). If someone has your gun, or is handling your gun you will receive notification via smart phone. ZORE explains, “ZØRE products ship with an optional smart phone app that allows you to be always connected to your guns. The ZØRE APP lets you define different notification profiles in accordance with various situations. For example, while your gun is stored at home, you can receive gun-movement notifications, as well as notifications for dial movement” (

Check out Zore in the video below.

(Video courtesy of ZORE X YouTube channel)

What are your thoughts on this product? Do you like having an electronic link to your firearm? You can be first on the list by investing in Zore via their Indiegogo page here. Personally I like the concept behind ZORE, especially the notification aspect.

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