LinkedIn understands growing new skills is just as important as finding job opportunities. We have simplified our sign up process, by combining the free 1-year Premium Job Seeker & Lynda subscriptions. Eligible military and veteran members will automatically be granted 1-year free access to LinkedIn Job Seeker and Just click on the button below and submit your information to receive your upgrade in 7-10 days.

LinkedIn wants to help veterans take the next step in their careers and transition from the military back to the civilian workplace. It’s our mission to help you connect to opportunity, round out your skill set, and find your next job. Join Greg Call, a Marine Corps veteran and leader of the LinkedIn for Veterans program, as he shows how to take advantage of all your LinkedIn account has to offer. These lessons teach you how to build your profile, grow your network, learn new skills, and find job opportunities with LinkedIn Job Seeker.

Find out how to join LinkedIn and get special offers just for veterans at:

Topics include:

  • Drawing attention to your LinkedIn profile
  • Writing a compelling summary
  • Adding your skills, experience, and education
  • Growing your LinkedIn network
  • Finding open job opportunities
  • Learning with

LinkedIn is also offering the following employment courses:

  • Translating Your Military Service to Civilian Life
  • Business Courses + Tutorials
  • Cybersecurity Training + Tutorials

As well as the following tips and advice columns:

  • From Transition to a Metamorphosis: When You’re Left Without the Army
  • One of LinkedIn’s Most Engaged Members: Military Veterans
  • From Jarhead to Author

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