Let’s say you wanted to turn your Glock into a rifle, how would you do it? Well, you can do it two ways. One involves the Federal Government, some paperwork, 200 bucks, and 4 to 6 months of waiting. The other involves a 16-inch barrel. If you take the 16-inch barrel route I have an option for you. Actually, I have one of the very few high-quality options on the market. The IGB barrel comes straight from Austria, just like your Glock, and is made to exceed perfection.


What’s an IGB Barrel?

IGB barrels are cold hammer forged barrels with a mirror polish. They are designed to drop into guns without any gunsmithing involved. This 16-inch barrel installs like any standard Glock barrel. This IGB barrel is exclusively imported through tactical retailer ZFI Inc. The IGB barrels come in a wide variety of calibers for a wide variety of Glocks. They also come in a variety of different lengths. They also make barrels for CZs, SIGs, and HKs.

Micro Roni range day

The barrels feature plasma hardening which produces a nice and smooth surface that’s diamond hard. It’s much tougher than tennifer. The barrel itself is quite well made, you can see that when you first pick it up. Their 16-inch barrels are designed for rifle conversions, not to look awkward in your Glock. I didn’t have an interest in this so I combined it with a Micro Roni stock to form my Glock rifle.

Downs the Falls in a Barrel

Installation is simple, it really just drops in the gun and that is it. Installation of the Glock in the Roni kit is pretty easy, but its a little more than dropping it in. The longer barrel makes it hard to squeeze the Glock in the Roni. You gotta remove the stock to slide it in due to extra barrel length, but this isn’t hard. The IGB barrel is well worth the tiny amount of work to make it fit. I pushed myself out to 75 yards and when compensating for drop I was still ringing steel with relative ease. Of course, this was a combination of gun, Roni kit, optic, and barrel.

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Moving it in nice and close, within 20 yards my double taps were stupid accurate. I was pleasantly surprised to see them forming what was best described as one ragged hole. There was no issues with accuracy or reliability. The gun functioned with even light 115 grain loads. The only malfunctions were tied back to a single magazine that only malfunctioned for the first two rounds.

The Barrel is also threaded so you can attach your favorite muzzle accessories. This is everything from Linear comps like the one from KVP to suppressors. The thread pitch is 1/2×28 so there are lots of accessories you can fit. This leads us to my only complaint about the barrel. There isn’t an included thread protector, so consider your muzzle device prior to purchasing. Overall the barrel is extremely well made and meets those rigid Austrian standards. If you’re looking to upgrade your Glock. or make your own Glock rifles check out the IGB Barrel. The kits are fantastic and the barrels performed well beyond my expectations. ZFI inc is the only authorized U.S. dealer, so if your interested check them out here.

This article is courtesy of The Loadout Room.