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September 2, 2012

Wall Street Journal Says SEAL Veterans Better Off Collecting Unemployment

Wall Street Journal writers Dion Nissenbaum and Siobhan Gorman have apparently been reprimanded and put on temporary leave for a rogue piece of writing in the journal. Their write up attacked Navy SEAL veterans for establishing businesses of their own, and included a US-made tactical gear and watch company.

“Navy SEAL veterans would be better off collecting unemployment for a while. No one, including myself, likes a know-it-all Navy SEAL that starts a successful venture. I don’t care how many Americans it employs, it’s just not fair for them to leverage their past accomplishments in business.

I don’t really care what Milton Friedman says about Free Market economics, it’s an unfair advantage and these guys know it. These veterans should be ashamed of their past service and the last thing they should be doing is making money or writing books.” says Nissenbaum.

Read the full article here.

Apparently the US SOCOM commander, Admiral McRaven, called the WSJ outraged that the paper was not supporting the Special Operations veteran business community. “We have enough trouble these days without you guys throwing gas on the fire with the current media circus”, said McRaven. The head of U.S. Special Operations was also quick to point out that he himself had published a book, titled SPEC OPS. “Learn the secrets of the trade” it says on the back cover.

Robert Thompson, the Editor-in-Chief, was quick to apologize to the head of US Spec Ops and guaranteed swift action in the matter.

“These writers went rogue and were clearly out to grab a headline at all costs. The WSJ apologizes to veterans everywhere and encourages all men and women who served to protect this great country to actively participate in the business community.

We hope these veterans don’t hide what they did in the past, they should be able to put it on their resumes. Rest assured that these hack writers (Nissenbaum and Gorman) will be dealt with accordingly”, promised Thompson when questioned by the US SOCOM Public Affairs Officer.

Sunday satire. It’s a crazy world we live in and perspective is everything. SOFREP out.

About the Author

is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is CEO of Force12 Media , a SOFREP contributing editor, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). Follow Brandon on Facebook, Twitter or his website.

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  • sdshane

    This WSJ article shows the mindset of the "elite".  They hate to see anyone whom they consider to be lower than themselves have any kind of self sufficiency, and prosperity.  They want everyone to be reliant upon the state, the major corporations and the banks.  They want subservient helpless sheep.   They hate your success, and they especially hate and fear those brave men and women who are willing to fight for America.

  • Eugie

    What a couple of assholes.  I hope they enjoy their time off work.

  • majrod

     @JHR  @Recon6  @StormR  @tomtadpole  @SEAL76  @CPB Pet peeves... "They signed a piece of paper and they signed their life away" "They don't have options so of course they are in the military" "They shouldn't speak, just follow orders" "They're uneducated"   If I had a nickel for everytime I was asked "When you getting out?" when I went home on leave (NYC) I could fill the gas tank on my Corvette (and it only takes premium)...   Had a girlfriend who worked for Merryl Lynch in the late 80's.  The arrogance, elitism and snobbish behavior her fellow stockbrokers exuded was over the top.  The jokes... grrrrrrr.  My girlfriend would hustle me out before I fed them a fist sandwich.  I got payback when the market dropped and they were whining.  I offered to open a window...   Another time one of those idiots tried to embarass me by dropping where he went to school (Ivy League, I forgot).  He pressed me for where I went to college.  "Small college overlooking the Hudson". "OH! What was it, Slippery Rock? (chuckle, chuckle chuckle).  "Nah, West Point.  Ever heard of it?  They say most of the people we taught make the history others teach..."         

  • JHR

     @Recon6  @StormR  @tomtadpole  @SEAL76  @CPB She had her "convictions" many liberals do. Sometime Over Tequila and Beers, and yes, Anchiovies (ICK) I'll tell you why I spent the last year re-doing ll our coporate paperwork and why I lost a year of my life because of a partner and her smart remark about "informing me to demaand money from a veteran who was blown up in Fallujah, "because he is on our Board and everyone contributes". It took me 5 months to set a trap, bget her to quit and get her out of my company. It set our team back a year. My point, You won't believe the amount of liberals out there who think"They signed a piece of paper and they signed their life away", so it is on "them". In other words, there are more Fonda Freaks out there, allot more. I don't waste my time on them. What Jane did was horrendous. I really think Karma has come back to her, in her relationship with her father, with hollywood, with her health and with every bite of food she barfs up.  

  • Recon6

     @StormR  @majrod  @JHR   Exactly S, Movie Stars in war movies, playing Heroes!  Tho some actually were, like Murphy, Jimmy Stewart, Gable et al.  You were a traitor if you didn't support the Troops and the War.  Can't think of one, but what if, say Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe (please excuse the age issue there!) but someone of that stature if they had gone to Berlin and played footsie with the Nazi's?  Or if they had gone to Pyongyang?  Just imagine the insanity that would have exploded across America! And yes, the gutless Pols named it a 'conflict', and then we "Lost".  Look how long before we 'officially" entered Cambodia even tho we had been running missions cross border for years!  If you haven't, read John Meyer's two books, they are excellent!!!  And only a few, a handful, know of him, or Chris Kyle or Brandon Webb.  But they can tell you all about Snookie, or Baby Boo Boo! Man, we are one dumb assed society, lol.  Whatever happened to Readin, Wrightin and 'Rithmetic??  Where has America gone, and importantly, where is America going?  Check JHR's post about the enemy!    6 Wow, sorry, I keep ranting, need to make it an early nite!