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Think you have what it takes to publish?

“We love your combat stories but don’t want to hear about the rest.”, a major New York publisher told me years ago. I ended up writing about my childhood anyway because I knew people were interested.

“Brandon, we are publishing books we know aren’t going to sell just to check the woke box.”, said a New York publishing friend at a top 3 global publisher last year.

"If you're a white male writer it's going to be really hard to publish you.", from a New York literary agent.

These are some of my own experiences dealing with the crazy big publishing houses these days, and why I am starting to publish my own books with SOFREP.

How SOFREP Books Works

Advances, small or large, are rarely earned out and like Vegas, the odds favor the house not you. What does this mean? If you get $25,000 advance (a typical first book), the publisher knows they will, at a minimum, earn this back through their sales channels but they have no skin in the game and with no ass on the line they have no reason to market your book. If you (and the publisher) get lucky and the book goes high order then you’ll likely earn $1-2 a book depending on your royalty deal. It’s why most big authors (myself included) switch to a profit share deal with the publishers. $2 turns into $10-15 a book and that’s a WAY better deal.

At SOFREP Books we believe in a profit share agreement because it aligns all interests.

Our editors know what readers want, and SOFREP has a built in marketing component within our media network and millions of monthly visitors. Our email list has over 200,000 names, a hit podcast routinely ranked #1 on iTunes, and other media partners who will help promote.

Audio? Most publishers don’t invest in audio because it costs too much to produce. We have an in-house audio team that can leverage the latest in Artificial Intelligence to clone your voice and packaged into audio within a few days.

We also have a relationship with one of the top film and television agencies to give your book a shot at getting optioned for the big screen.

All this ensures your book has a great shot at getting launched off the carrier deck in good order.

We mostly publish Non-fiction military but we are open to fiction if you are committed to a minimum of a three-book series, and ideally three books a year. This is a best practice and what most new fiction authors don't understand. Military fiction really takes off once there are usually 3-12 books in the series, and the fanbase gets big enough.

Still interested?

Submit a writing sample below and include a short bio. Our publishing board meets weekly so you should expect an answer within a week or two max.

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