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The publishing industry is experiencing a massive transformation. Traditional booksellers and publishers find themselves continually marginalized by not adapting to the digital age of “on demand”. This disruption and tightening digital noose on the neck of traditional publishing houses has caused them to take fewer risks on new authors. Traditional book deals take years to get a finished product to market because of a broken system that hasn’t adapted to the digital age. This is where we come in.

SOFREP is the first and only military publishing company to give authors an opportunity to publish their stories without having to navigate the complex system of literary agents and traditional book publishers. We believe the future of publishing should make smart bets on great authors with a digital print-on-demand model and speed to market. Through partnerships with Apple iBooks, Amazon, and Audible, we can leverage smart sales channels and get our author’s works to market within months of receiving a completed manuscript, not years, which is the old way of doing things. Our signed authors also get a built-in marketing platform that reaches hundreds of millions annually through our digital sites, podcast network, and events.

If you have a great military story to tell – fiction or non-fiction – here is your chance to publish your work to a large and relevant audience.

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