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  • Edward R.

    Strategies for Ukraine

    Who is "winning?" RUS just mobilized 250,000 conscripts and they are being trained up. The energy gr...

    Edward R.
    1 week ago
  • Mario

    Drafting our daughters!?

    There should be universal mandatory conscription, to include women. Anywhere from 5-15% of the total...

    1 week ago
  • Guy McCardle, Jr.

    SOFREP is dead

    Thanks for the input, Jonathan. I'll keep that in mind. 

    Guy McCardle, Jr.
    2 weeks ago
  • Jonathan V.

    SOFREP is dead

    Enjoy the site, good mix of current day goings-on, history, all branches of service and enough detai...

    Jonathan V.
    3 weeks ago

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