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  • Loula S.

    What Do You Want from SOFREP?

    Jacob,Thank you for asking. I think you learn a lot more about a Special Operation or the dynamics b...

    Loula S.
    20 minutes ago
  • Lauren T

    What Do You Want from SOFREP?

    I'd really like to learn more about what's going on with the Navy SEALs. Not too long ago, it sure s...

    Lauren T
    9 hours ago
  • Skip M

    Rolling Up Chinese Espionage

    Angwang seems seem to to me me is a pain in the ass ;)...And PRC-2 is apprehensive like I am as to i...

    Skip M
    9 hours ago
  • Keith W.

    What Do You Want from SOFREP?

    I would like to read more on the tier 1 side of things and what they are doing. I think it would be ...

    Keith W.
    11 hours ago

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