November 20, 2012

Beyond Neptune Spear: The Secret History of SEAL Team Six (Part 6)

Any Publicity is Bad Publicity

At this point the classified existence of SEAL Team Six and its status as an apex counterterrorist force rank among the worst kept secrets in the history of secrets.

The unit first attracted widespread attention in 1993 with the release of Richard Marcinko’s book, Rogue Warrior, which detailed its origin. However, DEVGRU essentially remained hidden in plain sight for the next two decades until its role in Operation Neptune Spear was divulged and a spotlight of unheard-of intensity shone down on its activities.

The United States Navy has long recognized the power of public relations and controlling the message. From Top Gun to Act of Valor, the Navy has consistently managed to effectively showcase its more glamorous missions. Prospective recruits have been given reason to believe that joining the Navy is not only honorable but frankly cooler than signing on the dotted line for the Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps.i

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  • webmindset1

    Very well-written and cited. Almost too deep for this grunt! Semper Fi MoDog

  • Hans K.

    I read "No Easy Day" some time back and i didn't quite get one thing written there.   How do operators jump between time operating and being an instructor at green team? "Mark Owen" said that he's team leader time was almost up. I mean what would he do after his instructor time was up? Is their time at the command cut up somehow or how does it work? Do things over at Delta work the same way?   Great article.

  • jct95

    @Chris Martin @jct95 Gotcha' I'll look around...from what I read Lt. commanders "command" 3 troops - 18 shooters. If you don't kind me asking, do you know if Officers can become snipers at DevGru? Thanks.

  • Chris Martin

    @Frosty Thanks man -- I appreciate it.

  • Chris Martin

    @jct95 I'd have to do a bit of digging. I'm pretty sure this info is out there (in part) but I can't place it off the top of my head.