As November creeps closer the media frenzy surrounding the November Presidential elections will get ugly. So, like some in the military say when at the local bar, I’m “going ugly early.” The Navy SEALs have gained a global popularity that has never been seen before and Admiral (SEAL) McRaven, the Commander of US Special Operations Command, has his hands full dealing with the situation.

What personally bothers these days is how certain media outlets, in the U.S. and abroad, are attempting to piggyback on the popularity of Navy SEALs, and trying to use SEALs as pawns in an effort to paint a false portrait depicting US Navy SEALs as not supporting Obama. All active duty military swore an oath to support the President of the United States regardless of their personal beliefs. This point alone puts the US Navy SEALs in Obama’s court when it comes to whom they support.

Recently we have seen things heating up with the PAC veiled as Special Operations OPSEC. I actually like the point this group makes about Operational Security, and that politicians need to realize that there are real life and death consequences to their game of political chess outside their cozy DC speakeasy.

Even more absurd is when parties start accusing each other of making something “too political.”. Example: “Obama is making the UBL raid by the Navy SEALs too political.” This is absurd, it’s called ‘politics’ people, and everything is fair game, including your mistress. Just ask Edwards.