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February 4, 2012

Ranger School from a Recon Marine’s Perspective

When I got a slot for Army Ranger School, I was pretty excited to go. Keep in mind: I was a 19 year old Marine that was in the best shape of my life. I really thought that everyone in the Army went to Ranger School, so I just figured it’d be some good training and that was that. I was a bit wrong.

Recon Battalion is tasked with pre-raid reconnaissance in support of Marine Infantry Battalions, so going to a raid school made sense. I didn’t train in preparation, but instead put on about 5 pounds of fat -a lot of McD’s and Pizza. At the time I went, Recon Bn didn’t have slots to Airborne School, so the only way to get your wings was to first go to Ranger. So, I had to make it straight through with no recycles in order to head over to jump. I checked in and I will say the first week was a complete blur. I didn’t really remember much until I saw the “Surviving the Cut: Ranger School” episode, which refreshed my lack of memory. The one thing I do remember is that I got to wear my nice toasty warm Danner boots, since the Marine Corps had just started issuing them; bonus for me.

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  • Yankee Papa

    Son, . ...(I'm 64, 0311 1968-70 so I guess I can call you that) This is many moons late... and you may never see this posting, but if you do, I'm proud of you. Any time a Marine goes to another service school it is up to them to do their absolute best. . ...Some Marines do not understand what special units in other services are about... ("Oh, I'm a Marine... I can do anything...") Not true. Today's Marines could take Tarawa or Iwo Jima again if needed... but without special training they could not function in a Special Forces A Team... or a SEAL team, or... ... ... Some bring their attitude problem with them and quickly fail. Lads like you go in to learn all you can and to give 100%. . ...The Army and the Marine Corps have a lot of overlap... but they also have a lot of areas where their expected missions are quite different. The worst mistake that a Marine could make would be to assume that all soldiers are like those who might be found in the 442nd Mess Kit Repair Battalion. . YP

  • RangerRob

    @LCpl X  Again, the real statistics, not brainwashed USMC feelings...  55% of USMC that attend, Fail Ranger School. 45% of USA of all skills including cooks and drivers that attend Fail.

  • RangerRob

    @LCpl X bbmn  Sure, boot is the perfect prep for US Army Ranger School.  That is why 45% of USA of all skills fail at Ranger School versus 55% of USMC.

  • Marineforlife

    snookasnoo You sound like a dopey dude yourself. "We" those who have served in a warzone have a little more respect for one another. And if you didn't find it "difficult" Its because you weren't their.

  • snookasnoo

    @LCpl X I didn't think Ranger school was especially difficult and I didn't bother with the tab nonsense. I was USMC 0311/8541 when I went in 1984. But of course the Army at that time thought it was some hard core thing. Look at all the dopey Army people with Ranger tabs.