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December 8, 2012

War Stories: Stealing the Navy’s Mascot

A longtime SOFREP reader, Major Rod finally breaks his silence! -Jack

Here’s a never before reported story about the great Army Navy rivalry and mascot snatching prank that included Delta Force and SEALs.

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About the Author

served over 20 years as an Infantry officer in Europe, the Middle East, Korea and Latin America. He has extensive experience in both light Infantry and mechanized warfare to include combat. He was selected to serve as a TAC at West Point and his final assignment was to the Infantry’s Battle Lab conducting research on tomorrow’s Infantry force. He concentrated in National Security at West Point, holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling & Leadership Development and is a graduate of the Combined Arms General Staff College. Born and raised in a tough section of New York City, Will lost his accent in the Army but kept the attitude. Read more from Will at

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  • JohnPacheco

    ahh so the DELTA v.s SEALS rivalry goes even deeper then good read

  • Sonnys Mom

    @majrod  Sounds like a good place to relocate some of those feral hogs... :)

  • frenchylarue

    @majrod  @IS1FiveO I'm not going to look up the prior conversation on  a different web site.   I can only comment on Notre Dame.   It is also a special, different and strange place.  The discipline is strict, but not like the academies.  It is also largely isolated from the surrounding city.  We do have the slightly odd relationship with St. Mary's, the all-girls school juuust down the road.   Almost 100%, if not all, of the students at ND attend the games and stand the whole game, which is pretty amazing considering the average blood alcohol level.  They sit only for halftime, when, strangely, the alumni section stands.  Football season totally permeates ND.  The big rivalries are Michigan and USC, plus whatever big name school we might schedule that year.  For many years, we scheduled all three academies, and played in alternate venues like soldier field.   There are many ROTC students at ND, paying their way through school.  A classmate was John Kurth, son of the admiral, who was headed for boomers after graduating.   We had a long run where we didn't lose to SC, and then a run when we didn't win.  It does impact you.  Fortunately, that seems to have ended.   Look forward to once again going up to 6-9 points, and then back to zero for ~ the fourth time.

  • Copecyn924

    @chuck finley  Too funny, can I say "bad taste??"  HA!!!!

  • chuck finley

    Or just BBQ the goat and eat him.