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December 13, 2012

New Uniform for the IDF SOF

Israel’s FIBROTEX Technologies Ltd has been awarded a contract to supply its FIGHTEX combat uniform solution for an elite unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

These smart, next generation, two-sided uniforms were selected over various international competitors following extensive rigorous tests that were conducted under extreme environmental, climatic, and combat conditions.

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  • Medic09

    I see from some industry sites that France, Canada, and Italy have ordered these uniforms; in addition to two Israeli units.

  • OPR

    That guy clearly has depression.

  • Medic09

    They've got to get their model a proper pair of boots.  No infantry based warrior would be caught dead in boots with zippers!  ;-)   The only time zippered combat boots appeared in my house, were when my wife brought them home...   Glad to see a new uniform finally showing up.  I expect this will slowly find its way to the rest of the infantry as budgets alllow.  We made do with the boots and uniforms we had because that's all there was, but an updated דגמ"ח will probably be well-appreciated - especially in the winter.  The standard issue IDF cotton long johns and cotton 'B' uniforms were terrible during the rainy season.  We all had to come up with a lot of our own gear for winter to manage wet and weight properly.  In the summer the cotton worked well enough; but it is nice to see that soldiers will get the benefit of modern technologies.  עלה קרב !

  • McPosterdoor

    @ufridman  @Surf375 Those kittens have claws.

  • ArcticWarrior

    @ufridman  Lol...I get what your saying