January 1, 2013

Operation Red Wings II: Lone Survivor Recovery (Part I)

I sat down with a former Ranger medic from 3rd Ranger Battalion for a few hours to talk about the massive rescue and recovery operation following Operation Red Wings. Doc’s platoon was alerted and deployed to Afghanistan within 18 hours.

SOFREP: What was going through your head when you first got the page to deploy to Afghanistan ahead of our scheduled rotation which was a couple of weeks away?

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  • Dino777

    Hey not in the military but to all that serve THANK YOU its appreciated and be safe

  • jrexilius

    Great story so far.  Lookin for a campfire myself to read part 2 near.

  • 375DOC

    @robgb It wasn't a jab at the ODA guys at all.  More than anything I was shocked that there were other friendly's on the ground.  I've never seen a campfire on an objective either so I was a little taken back.  Also, the very next statement was taking a shot at myself so....

  • JackMurphyRGR

    @robgb Well, it was an ODA that rescued Marcus.

  • robgb

    Nice shot at the ODA guys, one day Rangers will get the "one team, one fight concept" good story though.