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January 22, 2013

National Geographic’s “Inside Combat Rescue”… coming soon!

I’ve found that to a lot of people, civilian and military alike, Air Force PJs are like the Kraken of the special operations community: People have vaguely heard of them, sorta know that they’re supposed to be pretty badass, have huge arms, and spend a lot of time underwater, but have never actually seen or met one. National Geographic looks to change all of that with their new show, “Inside Combat Rescue.”

The new show, premiering Monday, February 18th, 2013, will show the pilots, crew, and Pararescuemen assigned to Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) in Afghanistan. I’m really excited to see the guys in action operating out of  Kandahar; I’ll have a full review up following the first episode. Hopefully everyone’s hair looks good.

Here’s a snippet from an Air Combat Command article writing about the project:

In this first-of-its kind series for the Air Force, a National Geographic film crew embedded with pararescuemen, combat rescue officers, HH-60G Pave Hawk crews and support forces of the 23d Wing during a 2012 deployment to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan. 

The show features Guardian Angel team members–PJs and CROs–deployed from Moody’s 38th Rescue Squadron and Pave Hawk crews deployed from the 66th Rescue Squadron and associated units at Nellis AFB. 

“We’re excited for people to have a first-hand look at the great work Air Force combat rescue Airmen do every day around the world,” said Col. Billy Thompson, 23d Wing commander. “The series portrays just a fraction of the capabilities Air Force personnel recovery forces bring combatant commanders, and it captures what a true team effort this mission set requires. It’s important to realize it takes the work of hundreds of Airmen in dozens of career fields to make the lives saved by our rescue crews possible.”


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  • bharrison

    Know I'm late to the party on this one, but I'd actually found the show via a different source--one of the guys that was on the ground with one of the 10th Mountain's Brigade Combat Teams when these guys rolled up.  Believe it's the episode where the camp got hit and they thought they had a mass casualty scenario.  Suffice to say, his boys loved those PJs and all the hard work they put in helping get people out of the fight, patched up, and back into the fight.

  • k_coch

    Watched the 6 episodes that I could on Youtube. I can say that I am happy that they can show the real world what the AF can do... In reality it just makes me wonder "how bad ass my medic really was"? Seriously though, I remember being told to do perfect push-ups by my teams medic and I thought it was just cause you're an a-hole.  All truth though, I miss the work and knowing I had a guy like you to save my ass if need be.

  • wildcat675

    @seancul55  haha yea yea 6-oh-3!  Born in a nor'easter and teethed on granite.

  • seancul55

    At the last second the video went private.  Another link:

  • seancul55   Absolutely outstanding.  And the CRO is a NH boy!  Reppin' that 603 like a baws.