January 25, 2013

Empty Chessboards

This shit is chess. It ain’t checkers. – Alonzo Harris, Training Day

Bottom Line Up Front: This is a rebuttal to “Fixing Intel: A Blueprint for Making Intelligence Relevant in Afghanistan”(Flynn 2010), and includes my own assertions regarding military intelligence. This post is a series of observations based on my own experience within the community (spanning more than a decade) and a response to navel gazers within the community that have determined that specific emphasis on intelligence du jour will solve our nation’s problems.

I do not yet have a comprehensive solution. I am still working on it, however, even correcting symptomatic issues will seem unpalatable to most policy makers. Having said that, my job has never been one of pleasing decision makers, but rather, tactfully spoon-feeding unpalatable information to colicky adults. I harbor no resentment toward this because I’d like to think it has worked out well to this point in time. This one might be long folks, so I hope you have some coffee. Also…from here on out, fuck tact.

The Value of a Distributed Network of Small Analytic Cells

JICs (Joint Intelligence Centers) suck. Battlefield Surveillance Brigades suck. Stability Information Operations Center (Flynn 2010, 5) suck.

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  • johngreenwood1982

    Over haul. From the ground up with emphasis added to joint operations. Superficial restructuring adds little in the end.  There are many flaws just in intel.I would suggest a longer basic training for all troops and make sure that training to standard dictates the score. Individual units should be tested and scored yearly from outside graders from within the sphere of JSOC. Training over seas should be done regularly by everyone.  FOB should take on the look of fire-bases and become more layered in defences. OER's and NCOER's should be more based on the performance of subordinates. not on individual actions and 3rd party reports. Thus the Officer or NCO should have their troops tested on a basic, moderate and advanced level of knowledge relative to their position. Their performance should dictate their majority score. That means lots of tests and by necessity lot of training. Decrease the gap of the regular army and rangers. This is not to say we are trying to make an army of elite infantry. Just close the gap.Which the additional training would help with. Do away with the so called "warrior leader course" in the Army and bring back actual real life mentoring. Tests to see if a SPC is ready for leadership could be done after several dedicated mentors have had a chance to handle the young troop and give them control of small duties. I don't think this the end all be all list here. But I do think this is a step in the right direction.

  • LauraKinCA

    @dmalert  @hjw1dr  @RedWanderer  This is the one.. http://sofrep.com/15851/no-shit-there-i-was-mayan-end-of-the-world/

  • hjw1dr

    @dmalert  @LauraKinCA  @RedWanderer  I'll fill yu in over at the Other thread. :)

  • dmalert

    @LauraKinCA  @hjw1dr  @RedWanderer sure

  • dmalert

    @hjw1dr  @LauraKinCA  @RedWanderer Sick today?  Feel better