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January 26, 2013

PREVIEW – Benghazi: The Definitive Report

The deadly attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, Libya, symbolically coinciding with the eleventh anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, triggered in a confluence of events that spilled into US domestic politics, military covert operations, and a number of classified CIA programs. With the terrorist strike occurring in the run up the US Presidential election, it become a foregone conclusion that the truth of the attacks would be swept up and lost in political squabbling as both major parties jockeyed for position and get some cheap digs in on their opponents. Added to the media circus was the reality that various US government institutions and agencies did engage in a very real cover up: they responsibly tried to keep covert operations secret. But they also sought to limit political liability on the guilty parties whose negligence led to the attack in the first place.

Conservatives claimed that President Obama callously denied military reinforcements to American forces on the ground in Libya who were badly outnumbered and outgunned. The American right sought to portray Obama in the most negative light possible, accusing him of glossing over the attacks to compensate for foreign policy failures. The narrative went, “President Obama: not tough on terrorism and betrayer of US Navy SEALs.”

Liberals decried the Republican persecution, doing damage control by laying blame on forces beyond the administration’s control. According to this narrative, the Benghazi attack happened because of an irresponsible amateur film that defamed the Prophet Muhammad, inflaming the religious fervor of the Islamic world. Soon protests formed outside US embassies across the Middle East, and the series of events rapidly reached its bloody climax in the attack on the US consulate in Libya.

For their part, libertarians announced that the attacks were further proof that America had no business interfering in the affairs of foreign countries. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorists pointed towards a sinister plot by powerful dark forces to liquidate Ambassador Stevens. In fact, every party commenting or involved in the Benghazi affair seemed to refer to their opposition as conspiracy theorists in order to de-legitimize their position at some point.

This e-book intends to cut through the static and white noise generated by the media pundits, the partisan politics, and unfounded conspiracy theories. The truth does involve some conspiracy. After all, the major players were the CIA, Pentagon, Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and State Department – institutions synonymous with backroom politics, intelligence gathering, and covert operations. But this report points in directions and draws conclusions that have henceforth been completely neglected by both the mainstream and alternative media.

When it comes to the hidden world of terrorists, counter-terrorists, and spies, the truth usually is stranger than fiction. Because of this, many will find the facts unfolded in this e-book to be both uncomfortable and unsatisfying. Obama’s foes will see a picture emerge in which the President is far from a callous evil man. Those passionate supporters of the President will be angry to see Obama as aloof and rather ineffective as a leader. Both political parties will be disappointed to see that this story, the 9/11 Benghazi attack, really doesn’t involve the President all that much one way or the other.

This is the reality of the modern state. The bureaucratic machinery is as extensive and sprawling as it is expensive. Various governmental agencies act under their own authority and make their own decisions. Mid and high level officials make decisions and latch onto the levers of power. With the Department of Defense running highly complex operations all over the globe, twenty four hours a day, there is no other way for American power to be projected effectively if every bureaucrat is waiting for the President to bless off on his actions. The power to act has to be delegated down the chain of command: this is a crucial–and cautionary–aspect of this story.

However, it cannot be overstated that this e-book does not cop-out or shirk away from the truth by placing blame on the dulled mechanics of a faulty bureaucracy. We do not accuse some abstract technical detail, saying that bad intelligence or faulty communications led to the Benghazi debacle. Americans have heard enough of these types of excuses from the original 9/11 attacks to the 2008 housing bubble and subsequent economic crash. We name names and hold accountable those acted cowardly and those who erred and sought to protect their political careers at the expense of human lives.

We also point to the heroes, men of tremendous character who showed exemplary physical and moral courage the night of the attack.

The story, and the aftermath, of the Benghazi attack is a complex series of events involving insider politics between agencies in proverbial smoke filled rooms. It features double-dealing political players in Washington. It involves the interaction between different military units and para-military organizations. To the outsider, to the American public, it is all very complicated and strange. This is another reason why the full story has not yet been articulated to Americans, but we believe that an informed public is necessary in a functioning democracy.

This e-book was written with the consultation of over a dozen experts, former Special Operations personnel (many of them contributing editors of, and others privy to inside information in the halls of power in Washington, DC. For obvious reasons, their identities cannot be revealed. This is likely to be the definitive account of the Benghazi attack for years to come until historians can sift through the archives, get documents declassified, and interview all of the participants.

For now, we hope that this e-book tells it like it is. In these pages the actions of those involved speak for themselves. Let the chips fall where they may.


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    @mswimsfla  @RedWanderer "...even as a back door into the United States." And that, to me, is the truly troubling part in all this.   But in the least it give a new source of funding to the Islamic elements in this region and they have no moral issues at all with helping the drug dealers get their product to people they already hate, since the drugs are actually doing harm to their enemy, it's a win-win for them.   Good article!

  • mswimsfla

    @RedWanderer  @AUNITEDPEOPLE     I just came across a rather interesting article that basically summarizes everything we said a few weeks ago regarding our predictions about Africa. It is a piece published by Borderland Beat regarding Islamic Jihad militants who control the Sahel Region (which includes Senegal, Mali, Niger, Chad and Sudan) smuggling the S. American drug cartels drugs across their lands as a new path into the European Union and even as a back door into the United States.   Nobody denies the fact that government instability is a huge issue in that region right now. What is scary is when you consider this fact of instability, coupled with the knowledge that the beneficiaries of this new-found wealth are driven by a religion that demands death and oppression to anyone who is not one of them (and oftentimes, even if you are!)--even to the point of committing suicide if necessary--makes this region fertile breeding ground for a whole new breed of disaster. And I'm talking the likes of which would make the Ayatollah on his best day, Saddam on his worst day, and the Taliban on any other day seem like Boy Scouts. Look at what has happened to the internal security of Mexico because of this new-found wealth. I will remind you that Mexico was not an originating source of narcotics but, like Sahel Region now, started out strictly as a super highway for the traffickers.

  • southpaw11

    After completing Benghazi: The Definitive Report... I realized my resentful political rants about the Administration, more or less murdering Ambassador Stevens, S. Smith, T. Woods, & G. Doherty were not only media stained... They were flat out incorrect. This operation rippled all the way to the top and stemmed far beyond Obama. The Editors at, B. Webb & J. Murphy, give the reader a timeline that begins years before the Benghazi massacre. Leaving the audience to ponder... Is the Benghazi massacre the tip of iceberg and what devastations will unfold in Our Nations future? The nobility and courage Our SEALs embody is what Our Nation is forged on. Brandon and Jack did a phenomenal job without exposing sacred military detail. While leaving the audience to ponder... “The lesson to Americans is clear in this case: take what you hear with a grain of salt and always question the narratives, and the backgrounds of the authors whose stories are being sold to you. Even if it is coming from your favorite source of trusted news. None of these outlets constitutes a paragon of truthfulness.” Excerpt From: Brandon Webb & Jack Murphy. “Benghazi.” HarperCollins, 2013-02-01. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright. Check out this book on the iBookstore: Thank you SOFREP. Nicole Stokes


    @majrod Or, the way I like to think about it, we can confuse them!


    @majrod  @RedWanderer Gotta love the consolationprizes they give out these days!