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February 6, 2013

Successful HRT Hostage Rescue in Alabama: SOF Breakdown

The FBIs highly trained special operations unit, the Hostage Rescue Team, conducted a successful rescue operation in Midland City, Alabama on February 4th, 2013.

Jimmy Lee Dykes, a 65 year old Vietnam War veteran, stormed a school bus on January 29th shooting the driver (Charles Poland, 66) dead and kidnapping a five-year-old little boy. Ethan, the kindergartner, was taken to a fortified underground bunker that Dykes spent the last year constructing on his property.

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    Any more details?

  • Iassen Donov

    @docwatson223 I thought I saw an SF guy there in BDUs! ;)

  • HugeFan

    @southernbelle  @ArcticWarrior LOL

  • DominiqueSumner

    @Klnu  @DominiqueSumner    Thanks, for the corrected info. As far as the info on the enhanced maritime teams goes, it's a direct quite from a OIG report in 2006.   "In September 2005, in an effort to enhance joint FBI/Coast Guard tactical efforts, the FBI created 14 enhanced maritime SWAT teams, nearly all of which are located in the FBI field office closest to one of the Coast Guard’s 13 Maritime Safety and Security Teams (MSST). The enhanced maritime SWAT teams are to receive additional maritime training and maritime equipment. The additional training will provide the 14 SWAT teams with a limited maritime capability for emergency purposes and allow those teams to work effectively with the MSSTs. The enhanced maritime training will focus primarily on water safety techniques and the unique aspects of tactical operations in the maritime arena."

  • Klnu

    @DominiqueSumner She didnt know what she was talking about, or that's a typo. There have always been 9 enhanced teams: LA, NY, Washington Field (DC), Salt Lake City, San Francisco, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, and Houston.