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February 15, 2012

Assassination of a Hamas Commander: What The Media Didn’t Report…

There has been a killing spree of Islamic radicals for years; all of which I applaud of course.

2011 was  a “jackpot” year with the deaths of Osama bin Laden, Anwar al-Awlaki, and many others – both died a Majestic death that I am sure gained each of them high rankings in the their sandy heaven. UBL and AAA died in their own unique ways – one at the hands of Navy SEALs and the other with the old “rocket through the windshield” technique – thanks to our flying lawn mowers (drones) soaring above.

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  • Dave

    "The team used a rubber band and a thumb tack to lock the hasp from the outside upon their departure – an old trick" Forgive me for being incredibly dense, but words can have different meanings across the pond, and what is old for you can be new to us. Can you please explain a little more - a hasp is something I associate with padlocks, not modern hotel rooms...

  • LCpl X

    Central Eurasian look. Uighur women have the same facial features too. I guess, Russian women are also plentiful. But alas there are already quite a lot of SOF-PSC types congregated there, big sausage fest and airwingers like us will only be left out to settle for the fat and old women.

  • LCpl X

    @SEAN SPOONTS They do look pretty good. Love that


    @JackMurphyRGR Way back in the day about 1985 I was a Helo SAR swimmer on deployment aboard a Frigate that was supposed to stop off Panama for a training exercise with the Rangers.(do they still go there for jungle training?) We were going to be briefed on what the mission was at some point during the cruise. I and the other aircrewman on the DET were both issued night tiger stripe camo at the squadron and told to keep our mouths shut, but the pilots on the detachment didn't get any. I thought; "WTF? I'm not going to fly in this outfit, its cotton/poly not NOMEX". We then speculated wildly on the exercise for about a month while at sea; "They're going to drop us in the jungle and we'll evade and the Rangers are going to try and hunt us down. We're going to hoist down to an island in this gear and make contact with the Rangers. We're going to inflate rafts that we drop and run them ashore for the Rangers to use." All kinds of shit. We got all worked up for this thing and cancelled the exercise before we even got briefed. We never did find out what it was about. I still have the cammo though. Like you said, many strange and mysterious doin's in the jungle down there.

  • bmessenheimer

    @JackMurphyRGR @LCpl X Rog, would expect nothing less. Felt Id lend a bit of humor to the evening. Again, great work on the article and the site itself. Its great to see so much activity from the reader community so early in the launch period as well. Should be an indicator of good things to come. Semper Fi-B