March 12, 2012

The First Female Navy SEAL

The U.S. is in the dark ages when it comes to utilizing women in the US Special Operations community. Female Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Combat Controllers? Why the hell not? In all fairness the Army beat us to it with the first female Green Beret Katie Wilder.

Hard line thinking coupled with fixed ideology gets you nowhere.  The same thinking is what slowed down women serving in combat in the Military and prevented Gays from openly serving their country.  Regardless of your religious or political views, I’ll side with the great Economist Milton Friedman when he says that every human being has a desire and right to be free to choose.

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About the Author

is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is Editor-in-Chief of, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). His writing has been featured in print, and digital media worldwide. You can follow him on twitter here.

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  • JuliusYeung

    Hell, if there's a female GB already. THen it's really time to let women try out the selections for all SOF units.

  • burnett

    JaneAdmiral READ NOW    I realize this post is old; bear with me I am 1 day old to the site- but its not about women trying to be a man (in some cases I'm sure it is ha) but its about the desire to help, to fight, to have the same opportunity to make a change like the SEALs (or any SOF) they are the tip of the spear. They make things happen, women see that and would kill to have that chance. as far as the women being on Teams, I can't help but agree that, no matter how much she and the guys would love to have her integrate in as one of the guys it will always be a little different. She will never be a guy; but its not about that. Its about owning the same respect. correct me if I'm wrong but at the end of the day is it not about your brothers, about having their backs? Why would the fact that a Team member being female would change this ? it wouldn't. Team mates risk their lives for one another all the time, and I'm pretty sure its not b/c the guy has a homosexual crush on him. He loves him as his brother. fyi all your trash talk about 'all' these tough girls looking down on you b/c you act 'girly' is false. Yeah, I'm sure you received some criticism for being dainty by other females but lets not go over board with it. I feel like all of your comments about intense hardcore females was a bit much, maybe your jealous of them? I'm sure these women have no trouble finding a man if they want one.

  • JaneAdmiral

    READ NOW.  As a woman I agree with you that women should not be in the SEALs, and here are the reasons: 1. No matter how strong a woman is or thinks she is she will never be as strong as a man. 2. My husband stated that if he was a SEAL, and one of his team members was a woman by male nature he would be protective of her because that is the way men are wired, to protect the females in their family, and the team becomes your family. He said she would probably get him, and the other men killed not even trying too. 3. No one is going to be afraid of the smurf-ettes, we might as well dress them in bright pink, I am sorry if that sounds mean, but if I was being held captive I want the big strong bad-ass SEALs to come rescue me not a group of women, because if I could't rescue my self I would be so scared that these other women couldn't either. I also agree with you that if something went wrong the women would say that the Navy was sexist when there not. I think it is good that women are in the military, I think there are a lot of good female soldiers, however, I don't think they belong in the special forces. I wanted to join the Navy at one time, but asma kept me out, but I never wanted to be a SEAL I only wanted to help my country that I love so very much. My little Sister tells me all the time that I am a sexist, not toward men, but other women! Furthermore, why can't these silly women be happy being what God made them, I love being a woman. The women who want to be a SEAL condemn women like me because we are feminine, dainty, delicate, or ladylike, and are happy to be so. The SEALs are not the only ones who have to suffer from this insanity! These women get mad at the Government like it's their fault that they were made women, I'm sorry, but why in the hell would any woman want to look like a SEAL? No wonder they can not find an alpha male who will have them, as my husband put it, they would feel like they were banging another dude. I would not date a feminine guy, I'd take an alpha male Navy SEAL everytime.

  • DanielleBrecheen

    Bee Aich Wetwork With no respect intended, you sir are an idoit.

  • JrMaki

    I say let them in like anyone else. if they make it , they make it, 4 females rocked out of IOC in Qtown after a few weeks. No special treatment is all we ask. You know that will never happen. They must register for selective service like the males. All is good. who knows, it might finally shut them up.