March 12, 2012

The First Female Navy SEAL

The U.S. is in the dark ages when it comes to utilizing women in the US Special Operations community. Female Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and Combat Controllers? Why the hell not? In all fairness the Army beat us to it with the first female Green Beret Katie Wilder.

Hard line thinking coupled with fixed ideology gets you nowhere.  The same thinking is what slowed down women serving in combat in the Military and prevented Gays from openly serving their country.  Regardless of your religious or political views, I’ll side with the great Economist Milton Friedman when he says that every human being has a desire and right to be free to choose.

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About the Author

is a former U.S. Navy SEAL with combat deployments to Afghanistan, and Iraq. During his last tour he served as the west coast sniper Course Manager at the Naval Special Warfare Center. He is Editor-in-Chief of, a SOFREP contributing editor, and a New York Times best selling author (The Red Circle & Benghazi: The Definitive Report). Follow Brandon on Facebook, Twitter or his website.

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  • leiber

    {I’m not here to opine about how the Catholic Church has been on the wrong side of most major advancements in science.} Read more:   That's not true at all. Its just revisionist history that has been perpetuated in the last 100 years and before by US/British and other religious denominations like Prod's, Baptists, Masonics, Marxist,.leftist etc etc And modern media/academia, they are never accurate on anything in regards to the Catholic church and are politically motivated by one of the major agendas. Besides that... Women have a place in the military and CIA should train these women properly and their is roles for them, but lets get serious in the combat arms in many cases and most things the answer is Hell No. We have them in the CF and it doesn't really work if anything it fucks up moral, that being said having some hot women in the back of the lines is a good idea, if anything we should consider having it like they did at times in various other armies through history because most men and I mean men can't last that long and lose there sanity after a while without a women's companionship. The Israelis have it, but that is a bad example, because every able body is needed their and if the Jihad every breaks through defenses women are an obvious target for rape and kidnapping and forced marriages to some horny Muslim Palestinian or some Saudi prince. there are tones of reports of how it affects Morale and has been a detriment to various units at times. Women in many trades like fighter pilots and other roles especially nurses are great for a modern Military. There are some exceptions but Kirsten Beck as she/it goes by now is hardly a good example of that!.

  • BrentLochhead

    I am for equal rights, just don't reduce the standards one push-up or one second off the run.  There are women that can do it.  Women are tougher than men (physically can handle more pain), they are naturally better shots. I like Brandon's suggestion of female only units, but I would like to see that go further and eventually integrate them once they have real world experience.  They will find each other sexually no matter what, so that shouldn't even be an excuse.

  • BrownWaterSailor

    Bee Aich Wetwork Very well stated and to the point! The monetary cost, the morale cost, and the big cost of situational awareness in the SF community because of guys being guys when women are injected into the equation, is not worth being politically correct! Combat needs and even demands 100% concentration. Anything that interferes with that concentration is of no benefit to those who are out there watching each others six. It's a very bad Idea!

  • JuliusYeung

    Hell, if there's a female GB already. THen it's really time to let women try out the selections for all SOF units.

  • burnett

    JaneAdmiral READ NOW    I realize this post is old; bear with me I am 1 day old to the site- but its not about women trying to be a man (in some cases I'm sure it is ha) but its about the desire to help, to fight, to have the same opportunity to make a change like the SEALs (or any SOF) they are the tip of the spear. They make things happen, women see that and would kill to have that chance. as far as the women being on Teams, I can't help but agree that, no matter how much she and the guys would love to have her integrate in as one of the guys it will always be a little different. She will never be a guy; but its not about that. Its about owning the same respect. correct me if I'm wrong but at the end of the day is it not about your brothers, about having their backs? Why would the fact that a Team member being female would change this ? it wouldn't. Team mates risk their lives for one another all the time, and I'm pretty sure its not b/c the guy has a homosexual crush on him. He loves him as his brother. fyi all your trash talk about 'all' these tough girls looking down on you b/c you act 'girly' is false. Yeah, I'm sure you received some criticism for being dainty by other females but lets not go over board with it. I feel like all of your comments about intense hardcore females was a bit much, maybe your jealous of them? I'm sure these women have no trouble finding a man if they want one.