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May 5, 2012

Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewman (SWCC): Not Just a SEAL Taxi Service

Enjoy a peek behind the curtain of the SWCC program. These guys are an integral part of our program in the regular Teams and ST6. This piece was written by a former SWCC who is now active on another program and he wishes to remain Anonymous. 

-Glen Doherty, NSWC Editor

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  • Imbitchin

    @Bravo Three can't thank you enough for the speedy response. Trying to map out a career in the military is a very difficult thing. Mostly receiving accurate information. From what I have learned having met active duty SWCC and SEAL, the NSW community is very helpful and available for those interested in reaching the pinnacle of their intellectual and physical abilities. This is such a huge commitment, I need to know what direction I will be pursuing within the military specifically within the NSW community. Thank you again I greatly appreciate all the information.

  • Bravo Three

    @Imbitchin  Good questions, I will start out by answering the 18D school. This is a very advanced course and billets are limited. Usually the primary billets will be offered to the Frogs, but if there are any open then it may be open to a crewman. There is no special pay for 18D specifically. Also when it comes to advanced medical schools billets are mostly reserved for Frogs, which have priority.  Reasoning is that during operations there will be a  Frog Corpsman who is 18D qualified, so really no need to have a crewman with the qual, nice to have but not a requirement.    For more detailed info on 18D, search for a relevant article here.    Requirements for any advanced training are set by the individual command and it goes to the most senior waiting. Being a new guy, you'll get advanced training in engine repair, comms, and armorer. If you want the other schools like 18D, Jump, and maybe Ranger ( tab ) then don't be a dick, or arrogant. Be a top notch sailor that volunteers for everything. Complete your first deployment without a hitch and own your position as either a engineer, com guy or whatever. Respect from you fellow crewman and the Command is the first and most important requirement to get for anything. Then it never hurts to ask. It might just happen. That's IF you pass initial training.    Cheers.

  • Bravo Three

    @Imbitchin  Good questions, mostly of all advanced training is given to crewman that have completed at least one full deployment on a available basis. Advanced medical training is given for Frogs but if there is a spot open then a boat guy could possibly get it. 18D School is great if you can get it and the standards are set by the individual command. Usually is runs like this: About 4-6 six months pre-deployment work-ups then a couple of weeks leave.  Deploy for about 6-9 months Return for leave and schooling/training. Again this is set for each individual command. As far as pay increases those are dictated by rank and a limited special pay, i.e. HAZ PAY, JUMP PAY, etc. There is no special pay for additional quals.  If you are a dick, cocky, arrogant and just don't measure up then you will get zero support from your command and you'll maybe get a CAT Engine repair school...maybe. If you graduate and make it to a SWCC Team then be a hard charger, be the first to volunteer for EVERYTHING and don't bitch or whine.    If you can do that for a bit then you can ask for pretty much any school you want.   Cheers.

  • Imbitchin

    Currently I'm not enlisted. I've been doing a ton of research this past year on SWCC. It's my greatest aspiration to become a SWCC. My question is once graduating CQT is there any advanced 18 Delta training available? If so are there qualifications that need to be met? Is there a greater demand for that SWCC operator with advanced medical training? Specifically more deployments? Is there a pay increase? Whats the timeline, specifically if there is advanced medical training available, how long is the training? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Bravo Three

    Glen was a superb man, very meticulous on writing. He made me want to be an excellent writer, his input will be missed.