May 9, 2012

Shaping the World from the Shadows: The (Open) Secret History of Delta Force, Post-9/11 (Part 2)

Part 2 of 5


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  • Klynn23

    wow, informative.

  • sahaldelta

    Hey does anyone know if Delta has a maritime capability similar to ST6? If it does, can they preform those tasks at the same ability of the SEAls?

  • ManUpManual

    @Daniel745  @pitt03 The one thing I still believe that we are doing wrong in the armed forces is, the pettines of each branch.  And as a soldier, I have to say the Army is the better one at keeping things more equal. I remember going on missions with some brigade elements in Ramadi and Fallujah that were under 1MEF or 2MEF.  And the reports that came out marine press office would say marines did this or capture that, even when we took casualties.  But the pictures would show soldiers wearing the big indian head patch of 2nd Div. I couldnt wait to get out of there.  But all the 2nd brigade guys were cool as hell.

  • ManUpManual

    @Daniel745 You are right. I was attached to unit in Ramadi.  502nd and 506th were in Korea with 2ID and wore 2ID patches.  We saw them in the mess hall all the time.  The units were reasigned to the 101st after returning from Iraq.

  • SEAL76

    SEAL TEAM SIX is no longer called by that name nor is it called DEVGRU. It is now known as SEAL TEAM Shhhh!