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August 1, 2012

Russia! SOFREP is Watching You!

The Cold War is done, finish, ka las, no more – right? Not even close! Russia has been recovering, expanding, and sneaking into just about every headline with little or no attention. As usual, I like to identify threats ahead of time; or in this case, an old threat. Walls came down, lessons were learned, and the cunning Russia has moved back into our lives, or at least positioning themselves that way. Perception is reality. Here are some facts that should be alerting to everyone.

Lets start with the aperture wide open: We always hear about the BRIC countries (future economic super powers) – Brazil, Russia, India, and China BUT Russia is the only non-Eastern “saving” culture growing fairly well. In 2011, Russia became the world’s leading oil producer, surpassing Saudi Arabia (read that twice, yes, surpassing Saudi Arabia); Russia is the second-largest producer of natural gas; Russia holds the world’s largest natural gas reserves, the second-largest coal reserves, and the eighth-largest crude oil reserves. Russia is the third-largest exporter of both steel and primary aluminum. There economy has defied predicted 4% growth by posting an impressive 4.9% growth per year and growing.

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  • jrexilius

     @Captmrp  There are a lot of problems here and in the world but I wouldn't get to the 'extreme danger' level.  Take a deep breath, step back, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you are really putting things into their proper perspective.   Try and take into account a lot of the positive things that are out there to. 

  • jrexilius

     @MedicSteve2 Yeah.. prostate exam by a carpenter..  it was fun.

  • Captmrp

    @Recon6 @MedicSteve2 Since you are on this topic-I really do not think Hillery is smart enough, so do you think the idea for the statedept web site providing all the tools and info on how to get around the government shut off of phones and computers came up the ranks of her Islamic connections on how to overthrow the governments. So called democracy! Can not see what I wrote, hope you can make sence of it!

  • Tango9

     @SEAN SPOONTS  @Recon6  @MedicSteve2 my wife's father is palestinian.  Always makes for good fun come every 5 years.  


    @Recon6 @MedicSteve2 I recall after I joined the Navy for at least a year my parents got phone calls and letters from the parents of old girlfriends, teachers, coaches, friends and the boss at my civilian job in high school asking if I was O.K., that the FBI had visited their homes and businesses asking questions about me, but not answering any in return. My folks contacted me asking what to reply. I told them to say I was fine and that it was part of my working for the 'government' and nothing else. My clearance was probably easy for them. I had a boat load of close relatives who had all served in the military. I was never anything but patriotic, I had no foreign relatives, no drug or alcohol abuse history and I was too young to have gambling problems or acquire any debt. That being said, there is a HUGH liabilty for Huma Abedin but its not any bigger than the one for our own President who's father and half his relatives are foreign nationals, some of whom were revolutionary communists in Kenya.