November 13, 2012

Beyond Neptune Spear: The History of SEAL Team Six (Part 5)

Blacker Than Black


Along with the previously detailed assault squadrons (Blue, Gold, Red, and Silver) and the training section (Green), the Naval Special Warfare Development Group is also rumored to maintain a special boat unit (Gray).

In addition, there is a large framework of NSWDG support staff (military and civilian) for “administration, supply, medical, logistics, communications, intelligence, operations, and weapons training.” It’s said there are two to three support staff personnel for every operator, all ranking among the best in their respective fields.i

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  • Taskforcegreen

    @13thBama  @Grigori too....I was like "wait...who were they?"   I didn't know India had a respectable (and I mean RESPECTABLE) SMU that really did yeah.   Yeah, I didn't know if it was NFG or NSG either at first! lol

  • 13thBama

    @Taskforcegreen  @Grigori  The only reason I knew was that I googled them (NSG) after watching, what was probably, the same show you saw them on.  You were only one letter off :)

  • Grigori

    @Taskforcegreen +1, those youtube fights are simply epic.

  • Taskforcegreen

    @Grigori yeah, world is full of idiots. Just go on youtube and watch american and Uk idiots duke it out like ten year olds about who's tougher. The toughest men I know are private operators....Not @ CAG or DevGru any longer, but now as a PMC. They took those skills from being in an SMU, and added to them from others....making them a serious threat. Hence, why the OGA, UN/NATO, AU, etc call on them for help instead of anyone else

  • Grigori

    @13thBama  Black Cats are the NSG(National Security Guards) raised on the lines of the GSG-9. Like I mentioned in a comment below they are not considered as a Special Forces unit. India at present has 3 SF units the Army's Para(SF), Navy's MARCOS(Trained by the SEALs in the beginning), Air Force's Garuds. The R&AW has the Special Group somewhat like a mix of an SMU and CIA's SAD, also the SFF(Special Frontier Force).