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November 13, 2012

Beyond Neptune Spear: The History of SEAL Team Six (Part 5)

Blacker Than Black


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  • Taskforcegreen

    @13thBama  @Grigori too....I was like "wait...who were they?"   I didn't know India had a respectable (and I mean RESPECTABLE) SMU that really did yeah.   Yeah, I didn't know if it was NFG or NSG either at first! lol

  • 13thBama

    @Taskforcegreen  @Grigori  The only reason I knew was that I googled them (NSG) after watching, what was probably, the same show you saw them on.  You were only one letter off :)

  • Grigori

    @Taskforcegreen +1, those youtube fights are simply epic.

  • Taskforcegreen

    @Grigori yeah, world is full of idiots. Just go on youtube and watch american and Uk idiots duke it out like ten year olds about who's tougher. The toughest men I know are private operators....Not @ CAG or DevGru any longer, but now as a PMC. They took those skills from being in an SMU, and added to them from others....making them a serious threat. Hence, why the OGA, UN/NATO, AU, etc call on them for help instead of anyone else

  • Grigori

    @13thBama  Black Cats are the NSG(National Security Guards) raised on the lines of the GSG-9. Like I mentioned in a comment below they are not considered as a Special Forces unit. India at present has 3 SF units the Army's Para(SF), Navy's MARCOS(Trained by the SEALs in the beginning), Air Force's Garuds. The R&AW has the Special Group somewhat like a mix of an SMU and CIA's SAD, also the SFF(Special Frontier Force).