Helmet Camera Footage

The following footage is from the helmet camera of a Special Forces soldier caught in the infamous ambush in Niger that occurred on October 4th of last year. The footage illustrates some hard facts and dispels many myths about the ambush that had not previously been brought to light. The attack happened extremely fast, as most ambushes do, and created a chaotic scenario for the men caught in it.

The video is very hard to watch but serves to educate anyone who does not fully grasp the reality of war, violence, and combat. The men were outnumbered, and once fire superiority was lost due to the nature and execution of the ambush, the situation quickly began to deteriorate. The team was caught out in the open with only their (unarmored) vehicles and what looked to be a B6 Land Cruiser (armored) to use as cover, and the militants were dispersed throughout a tree line in greater numbers. With no way to regain the initiative, the men attempted to egress and were eventually killed. They killed 21 enemy militants before it was all over.

Warrior’s Last Stand

Draw your own conclusions about the situation, but hold reverence for the fallen in your soul and hatred for the enemy in your heart. The original audio was removed because it features a typical Islamic State extremist propaganda soundtrack paired with added false screams. SOFREP doesn’t support that shit, obviously. We honor these men by watching their last stand, not by turning away; they were true warriors to the end.

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