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November 30, 2012

Mission of the Month: The Afghan Drug War

I have been meaning to start a monthly series called Mission of the Month, where I interview my good SOF buddies and talk to them about their favorite or most intense objective they have ever been on overseas.

This month I spoke to my best friend who begged me to use “King Cobra” as his incognito call-sign for this story. I told him I can meet him half way and call him “KC” for this article. KC and myself served together in the 3rd Ranger Battalion and after we both left he went on to the PMC side of the business.

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  • covah

    Article is inaccurate. 2Cdo Reg conduct the missions with DEA. Not SASR

  • Txazz

    @ArcticWarrior  @ChupaCabra  @dmalert  @HugeFan rather amazing and frustrating.

  • Iassen Donov

    your**.. hard to believe I write. right?

  • StormR

    @ArcticWarrior  With bears, the nose is more useful than the eyes for spotting them.   And unfortunately, most people rarely look 'up' when walking - and so miss seeing both bears and mountain lions :)

  • ArcticWarrior

    As Sgt Mack would say "Anytime...."   Still remain aware, they can be stealthy and are deceptively quiet.