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November 30, 2012

Bureaucracy in The Spy Ranks

Nada wrote this great piece about the intelligence system as it is today. She’s written for us in the past and hopefully we see more from her in the future.  Enjoy.

The firestorm surrounding the story that U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice told on Sunday morning talk shows five days after the attack on the American diplomatic facility in Benghazi has drawn wildly different reactions around Washington. Bad data? Innocent mistake? Political deception? From the president’s staunch defense of Rice to John McCain’s repeated attacks, different people see different things. But, as a former CIA analyst, I’ve taken a separate lesson from the episode: The office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), created to facilitate interagency analysis and operations, has become a serious bureaucratic obstacle.

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  • Recon6

    @JHR Hey, I am in total agreement on Training.  It is just My opinion the fastest way to become prepared for a fatal encounter is through being proficient with a hand gun.  Follow on training etc. is definitely encouraged and rec'd.  Just never been a proponent of martial arts v. an attacker with a gun, or even a knife. I am of the belief that bad stuff happens to good people every day, thus one must be prepared to defend......6

  • JHR

    @Recon6  @hjw1dr  @TKW406 I agree with you:-) One thing in my book, learning self defense raises a persons situational awareness (or teaches a semblance of it), teaches tactics (stalling-excelleration), teachers a person about cover/concealment, etc. etc. etc.....The last thing you want to do is shoot a person. You also do not need a green person getting a gun taken away from them, thats the worst deal. Without some training on defense, can you slow your heart rate? Can you think clearly under an attack? Can you describe/determine cover/concealment/exit plan in a few seconds? You need to outsmart, outhink your attacker-be ready for what is thrown at you. What if there are 2+ attackers? Thinking quick on your feet, there is something to be said for that. That can only be trained for. If you have not, some folks freeze.

  • hjw1dr

    @Recon6 Will keep you updated. First training will be a 2-3 hour training ( intro-beginner stuff) after Christmas. Then I'll prob purchase and return to him for more instruction. He has shooting range, so... I suppose it will be practice, practice, practice. :)

  • Recon6

    @hjw1dr Hey that is Great news!!  I am so glad you decided to Immediately pursue this course to personal safety!  We will all eagerly await updates as to your training and subsequent gun choices and purchase.  I know you are going to have so much Fun....good for you!....6

  • hjw1dr

    @Sonnys Mom  @CJCJ  @Recon6  @TKW406  Thanks all!. I think I've found a good instructor. He is is a retired Austin PD instructor. Started his center in 1991. He has been featured in media from the Outdoor Channel and BBC network to SWAT, Gun World and Concealed Carry magazines, as well as blogs and local radio & TV.  Has a great rep, so I think I'm set. (I looked it up after we talked)   He will teach me personally, and instruct me in use and safety, cleaning, etc... of up to 4-5 different handguns. Has a center about an hour away, and has hosted other well known instructors -- I guess ( really didn't know any of the names he mentioned-- since that's not my specialty). He does tactical training too... but I don't think I will go that far.     (Keep in mind--- I graduated from a school that had this motto: "Excellence" - so I you bet I'll work till I get it right :)   Thanks everybody for your suggestions... helped a lot. At least, I don't think I sounded like a complete idiot on the phone. :)