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January 14, 2013

Battle for Mali: Operation Serval

In early December I wrote an article that gave a basic overview on what the situation in Mali looked like (Battle for Mali: Coming Soon, 2013) and what needed to be done in order for the Malian government to retake control of the North. The timeframe I estimated was “2-3 months” until some kind of offensive campaign would take place.

Well 1.5 months later, it’s refreshing to see that somebody stepped up to the plate.

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  • Nik56

    Hello here,Thanks for this honest report, i'm French, former ALAT soldier and i'm glad to see that, on your side of Atlantic Ocean, there are also people who see clear. Thanks again.

  • StefanMartin

    Just wanted to point that Lt. Boiteux managed to safely bring his helicopter (and comrades) back home while being deadly injured at the leg (artery cut).   A true hero, but already nearly forgotten because it seems that in France we have much better things to do than loudly expressing our support and gratitude !

  • Old PH2

    Notice the guys from the African Union stepping up?  Soldiers from Togo and Nigeria are in theater. Translated from: On the ground, a new hanging in the night pitted French soldiers and Malian armed Islamists near Konna (center). The capture of the city by January 10 jihadists had provoked the French first air strikes, a prelude to an engagement on the ground. In addition, several districts Diabali (west), where battles have opposite Wednesday special forces to French Islamists were still in the hands of jihadists, according to a Malian security source. Diabali - 400 km north of Bamako - was taken Monday by the Islamists, who are led by the Algerian Abou Zeid, a leader of AQIM. In Bamako, 40 Togolese soldiers arrived on Thursday, the first elements of West African armed forces must hunt armed Islamists who occupy a large part of Mali for nine months. They were to be joined that day by Nigerians force of West African intervention, the Misma, including 2,000 soldiers out of a total term of 3300 must be made by 26 January in Bamako. Two hundred special forces Chadian about 2,000 men promised N'Djamena in addition Misma, won Niamey before gaining Mali. On the European side, the head of French diplomacy, Laurent Fabius, said Thursday "quite possible", that EU countries can "to provide soldiers" while far France has received from its European partners logistical support. ALGIERS (AFP)

  • RedWanderer

    CNN just reported that the U.S. has decided to "increase" the role in Mali.  They said this has only been decided over the last 24 hours.  They specifically mentioned us providing airlift for a French Mechanized Infantry Battalion (and some other support functions like intel.)   (I've been putting the latest in the Algerian/hostages thread and this is a repeat post from that thread.)

  • oldSquid

    @Txazz  I think what he signed today was 23 executive 'actions' - skating on thin ice. Uproar to commence. Hang on!